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YMMV / Who's Still Standing?

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  • Padding: Produced by the same people behind Minute to Win It, so it's to be expected. The game's meant to be fast-paced, and to be fair it did seem like that, but the execution slowed it down in most cases.
  • What an Idiot!: If the players weren't picked by Central Casting, they were made up to look like they were.
    • A particularly egregious example was a contestant who couldn't guess that the last month alphabetically was September (even with _ _ P _ E _ B _ _ showing) and refused to rattle off the months, only getting it with .2 seconds left. He then failed to guess that Tony the Tiger was Frosted Flakes' mascot, and was gone.
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    • One contestant didn't know that the topic of Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth was "Global Warming", even after most of the letters were revealed.