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YMMV / White Dark Life

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  • Accidental Aesop: Entegra's actions can easily be seen as a deconstruction of the Roaring Rampage of Revenge trope, except pommyman never intended for that. Entegra's character was simply supposed to be a grumpy Brit.
  • MST3K Mantra: Good luck figuring out just how Matt can turn into other heroes, the cartoonist certainly doesn't.
    • The reader is also told to ignore the missing logic behind Matt mimicking characters made after the established time the comic takes place in.
    • Similarly, the amount of confusing and otherwise unhelpful information on the drider characters puts any question about their biology into this trope.
  • Tear Jerker: Uma's complete disgust with Matthew begins to edge into this territory, especially with the release of "Scaredy Fox Training" where she actively starts attacking him on sight and while the RP is on pause while Luigifan makes a Spiritual Successor to Elite Beat Agents the fact that it's all but confirmed that Uma is going to utterly thrash and spit on Matthew's feelings is somewhat sad.
    • Devin, Entegra's last daughter, is constantly dragged away from her and abused by Dark Matt for his own amusement and by Damien simply because he doesn't care much for her wellbeing. As much of a jerk she is, it's actually quite sad for Entegra to be so close(and in some roleplays, she even succeeds) at rescuing Devin only for Dark Matt to just whisk Devin off back to hell. And then comes the reveal that Devin was nothing more than a clone of Entegra simply to use her rage to fuel Dark Matt's "life".
    • Dark Matt himself even gets in on this! He is utterly broken from the start and dumped onto Artemis to be destroyed over and over again to pay for the sins Matt's life. Sure, she instead makes Dark Matt her boyfriend, but she's a succubus whose very touch can painfully extract the life out of him and in earlier roleplays she actively rapes him, which is played for LAUGHS. And in the end he has no choice but to enrage everyone he meets to avoid being erased from existence itself by Altair. Then he FIGHTS Altair to save what can easily be seen as a messed up and flimsy relationship only to be brutally murdered until he loses the ability to project his "normal" form, and then beaten up even more and VERBALLY ABUSED BY THE CARTOONIST. It's safe to say that his appearance in the Future arc is not entirely unjust.
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  • Ron the Death Eater: GUN is portrayed in a mildly poor light simply because pommyman thinks they're pretty dumb already. Shadow, Rouge, Omega, and the Commander are exempt from this, however.

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