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YMMV / Which Witch?

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  • Funny Moments: "But there is one thing I will not do and that is marry a coffee table!"
  • Ugly Cute: The baby Kraken, which looks like a little squid-thing but still manages to be adorable!
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Belladonna is ignored and ridiculed by all the other witches, but keeps visiting their meetings in the desperate hope their black magic might rub off on her. There's also Mother Bloodwart, who is poor, old, and forgetful, and tends to turn herself into a coffee table, which the other witches just ignore and leave her as she is (Belladonna is the only one to ever try to fix her up).
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    • Poor Terrance spent almost all of his life in an orphanage, where no one wanted to adopt him because of the many odd illnesses he always had. Matron especially had it out for him (we later learn that it's all because he once bit her as a baby) and his only friend was a worm. Which Matron stomps on and nearly kills. And when he goes off with Belladonna and appears to have finally found friends with Arriman and the others, a well-meaning police officer catches him and drags him back to the orphanage.

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