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YMMV / What Have You Done

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  • Creator's Pet: Twilight Velvet is remarkably quick to talk down to the Princess and hold her daughter's friends in contempt for their momentary mistake and is portrayed as entirely in the right for this. While it's clear that, if any character has the means and motivation to do so for her daughter's sake, it would be her, the fact that she is in essence an O.C. Stand-in makes it difficult to swallow, and the further fact that she happens to know emotion magic useful for fighting the changelings, which is the factor that allows Celestia and the Mane 5 to get to the Elements of Harmony this go-round (for all the good it does them), and in fact was the one who tutored Cadance in her love magic (albeit a tutor who was surpassed by her student), and also that she is the only one to sense that the Elements will reject their bearers, makes it rather ridiculous.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A good portion of the readership finds it difficult to properly root for anypony, between Twilight Sparkle sulking and freeing Discord, the other Mane 5 (Spike absent) and Celestia more or less dismissed by the narrative via Twilight Velvet and the Elements of Harmony, and Velvet herself coming across as somewhat grating.
  • Wangst: It's impossible not to sympathize with Twilight Sparkle even when we're not in her POV, after the shock she suffered... but once we return to her in Even As..., her moping about having been abandoned comes off as oddly self-righteous, especially when it has been indicated that it's due entirely to her own faulty understanding of relationships, namely not imagining that people can actually make up after a serious argument. The fact that she reacts to this situation by letting Discord out does not help.

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