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YMMV / Whale Music

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  • Awesome Music: The film soundtrack by the Rheostatics, including "Claire," the band's only Top 40 hit.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Desmond in particular gets some hilarious lines.
      Have you accepted the Lord Jesus into your heart?
      No, the place is a mess.
    • Desmond's reaction to the idea of the Howl Brothers reuniting without Danny:
      "My brother's car went through a guard rail at a very high speed, and the force of gravity drew him into the ocean, and the force of impact rendered my brother mush. [...] So, what are we gonna have a reunion with? A mush reunion?"
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  • Heartwarming Moments: Has a few, but particularly Claire's invitation to Desmond that it's OK to touch her, and the ending.
    Hey, how's my brother Danny?
  • Tear Jerker : Desmond's breakdown when he finally realizes the truth about Danny's death.


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