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YMMV / Werewolf by Night

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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Hippies and longhairs. "Okay, buster – hands off him! Even if he is a hippie, I can't let you—" says the cop to the villain before he is swatted aside.
    • Also, Sarnak and especially his henchman Tatterdemalion rely a lot on the idea that Crazy Homeless People are gross and dangerous.
  • Awesome Art:
    • Yong Montaño's work as seen in Giant-Size Werewolf #4 and #5, especially in the black and white reprints. It remains realistic despite the fantastical setting. His people look like people — it feels like you could run into them on the street.
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    • Leonardo Manco, who did all the art for volume 2. His style is dark and gritty, and is not afraid to use textures and wild brushstrokes, which fits very well with the state of mind Jack's in.
  • Bizarro Episode: The fifth Giant-Size Werewolf starts like any other story, with Jack figthing a Satan-worshipping sorcerer. But then he is suddenly pulled into a bizarre black-and-white/light-and-day fantasy world for one seriously trippy adventure.
  • Breakout Character: Moon Knight was originally a villain who appeared in a mere two issues of the series. He proved so popular with the fans that Marvel began giving him guest appearances in other titles, and eventually, his own ongoing series.
  • Complete Monster: Belaric Marcosa was a shockingly dark villain for even a 70s Bronze Age Marvel horror series. In life, Marcosa lured victims to his manor to use dark sorcery to drive them into "lewd depravity" before he sucked their lives and souls out before having them murder one another for his amusement. He then kept their souls trapped in his manor. After his death, Marcosa had more victims lured to the manor so he could torture them as well, playing dark mind games and driving his victims to distrust and murder one another before revealing himself and attempting to add their souls to his collection.
    • This fits well with his status as a Captain Ersatz of Emeric Belasco, the equally depraved villain of the classic horror novel Hell House.
  • Narm:
    • Despite being a powerful villain, Dr. Glitternight is hard to take seriously due to his wingsuit-like robes, which makes him look like a flying squirrel crossed with Sinestro. And then there's the name.
    • Powered by craziness or not, the sheer amount of villains who are compeletely normal humans that are capable to take a werewolf in a straight up battle and win can make Jack seem like a wimp at times.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Line Art:
    • The entirity of volume 1 has been reprinted as part of the Marvel Essentials line. These omnibuses are in black and white, and as such do not have the spotty, flat, and undetailed coloring of the 1970s. This gives the expressive and detailed linework, most notablity that of Mike Ploog and Yong Montaño, the chance to truly shine.
    • Some re-released comics, such as WbN v1 #25 reprinted in Moon Knight v3 #30, are recolored digitally, in gaudy colors that appear to be chosen randomly: magenta skies, purple blood, blue palm trees and walls that change from purple to red to grey in a single page are everywhere.
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  • The Woobie: Jack. Especially in volume 2 you can't help but feel sorry for him. "Top of the world, ma."

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