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  • Archive Panic: The band themselves are the absolute opposite of this trope, only having one album and two demos. If you want to hear all the band members' other projects, though, there are about two dozen of them between the five members of the band.. The Gault released an album and a demo. Asunder released two splits and two albums; then there's an unofficial collaboration with Japanese band Corrupted available through the web (it's ninety-five minutes long, incidentally). Thus far, Dispirit have recorded three demos. Sarah Weiner worked with Amber Asylum, which has a huge discography (though not all of their releases feature Weiner). Josh Smith worked with The Fucking Champs, who have a pretty huge discography (though again, he wasn't on all their records), and a few other bands. And so on. And then, if you want to explore the spin-offs and side projects of the above acts (some of which are very worth hearing in their own right), that nets you even more work, though some of the connected acts are well worth it - Dino Sommese of Asunder gets you connections to Wolves in the Throne Room (for whom he performed guest vocals) and Dystopia, while Lorraine Rath, bassist/vocalist of The Gault, was co-founder of Worm Ouroboros. (And Worm Ouroboros, in turn, gets you a connection to Agalloch through its drummer Aesop Dekker.)
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  • Ending Fatigue: A risk with the endings of "Dead as Dreams" and "Disasters in the Sun" for listeners who don't like ambient black metal and/or Drone of Dread. Most other listeners won't have a problem with them, though - they work really well, given the atmosphere of the songs.
  • Epic Riff: Lots of them. Particularly good examples come at 3:45 of "Dead as Dreams", 10:48 of "This Entire Fucking Battlefield", and 5:14 of "No One Can Be Called as a Man While He'll Die", but nearly all of them are contenders.
  • Face of the Band: John Gossard.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Possibly the reason they didn't record a second album. Any American black metal band that releases long songs is bound to be compared to Weakling.
  • Vindicated by History: As mentioned on the main page, the album attracted little attention when it was first released, but was later hailed as a masterpiece and attracted a legion of imitators.

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