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Every wargamers has loads of stories they reminisce about with fellow players, either funny or awesome, which usually revolve around the capriciousness of the Random Number God. They will be about a supposedly "Super Unit" rolling badly and getting wiped out by peasants, or a unit on the rampage that didn't get a bad roll, and won the battle single handedly.

They are also very superstitious; players known to be unlucky will not be allowed to touch, let alone borrow, other players dice. It is generally accepted that a the freshly painted Guards unit will be wiped out in their first game, while the old, battered and in need of repainting unit you bought when you were 14 will stand stoically taking everything that is thrown at them.


Your milage depends onA) whether you are a gamer,B) how many times you have heard the story- some incidents are trotted out at every possible opportunity.


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