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  • Back Stab: Rogue/Lone shoots John in the back for being responsible for his family's death, even though John stops the sniper from shooting his friend.
  • Critical Research Failure: Rouge's Weapon of Choice is a Walther P99 with a stainless steel slide, chambered in 5.7x28mm depleted uranium rounds in a titanium casing; however, this is very inaccurate. First of all, the 1st-generation Walther P99 (and all subsequent models/generations) are only chambered for 9mm and .40 S&W ammunition and there has never been a P99 chambered in 5.7; the 5.7 round was developed as the proprietary cartridge for the FN FiveseveN and FN P90 only. Strangely, when Rouge loads the magazine for his P99, he's really loading a FiveseveN magazine, plus, a FiveseveN appears in the hands of another character. However, the P99 may have been used because Jet Li's hands are too small to wield the beefier FiveseveN.
    • Another inaccuracy is the usage of depleted uranium bullets and titanium casings. While depleted uranium has been used as a bullet casting metal and has several offensive capabilities such as armor piercing, being able to self-sharpen as it goes through targets, mild toxicity that could kill or sicken an enemy, and the fact that it's awesome for a guy to shoot armor piercing, radioactive bullets made from an exotic metal. However, in real life, depleted uranium is only used in anti-aircraft ammunition because pistol cartridges lack the power for depleted uranium rounds to pierce through targets or self-sharpen, not to mention, depleted uranium is ''very'x expensive; on a similar note, titanium being used as cartridge casings is also impractical since titanium is also expensive and offers no purpose while being used as bullet brass.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Tom Lone is an FBI agent hell-bent on dismantling the Triad and Yakuza gangs. After his family is murdered by an assassin named Rogue, Tom killed the assassin and took his identity in order to find the people responsible. As Rogue, Tom repeatedly worked for the Triads and the Yakuza, killing various gang members while manipulating the gang leaders into getting involved in a war. After Tom destroys the Triads, he goes after Shiro Yanagawa, the leader of the Yakuza clan and the man who sent Rogue to kill his family. Once Tom kills Shiro and discovers his former partner, John Crawford, was also involved in his family's murder, Tom confronts Crawford and kills him too, thus succeeding in his quest to destroy both gangs and avenge his family.

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