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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The Dream King. Specifically, his refusal to give the Bard his piece of the Earthsong. Has he simply given in to despair, and sees no point in trying to attempt to redeem a corrupted world? Or is he just a nihilistic Jerkass who decides to damn all creation with him?
  • Complete Monster: Audrey Redheart, despite initially seeming heroic, is in fact only concerned with her self-image. In her Establishing Character Moment, she strikes The Bard with her lightning sword, while yelling at them about how she's the only deserving hero. She continues killing Overseers throughout the game; even after being told she'll end the world doing that, she cares more about the fact that she was never told more than that she's ending the world. Even when the Bard has to help her to continue, she only considers them one of her "flunkies", and when things go awry, she instantly attempts to chase them down. When she gets trapped in a cave-in with the Bard, she pretends to bond with them and "promises" not to kill Overseers; as soon as she gets the opportunity, she offs one in front of the Bard while they were in the process of comforting it, knowing now that there was a way to get through to them and stop their corruption. When she meets the final Overseer, she describes it as a "final boss fight", showing how little she really thinks of the situation. She's defeated and the Bard attempts to redeem her, but it's all for nothing, as she still rants about how she's the Hero and she's meant to be the one to "save" everyone.
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  • Iron Woobie: Miriam counts, what with wanting to finally fit in with other people, being away from her Grandma and home for so long that she gets homesick and feeling worthless about the fact that the Bard manages to get more done just by being friendly and happy, something she is jealous of.
  • Moral Event Horizon: It's tough to say exactly where Audrey crosses it, but most players agree that her slaying of the King of Hearts in cold blood (despite promising the Bard otherwise and seeing that the King still had some reason) is unforgivable. The Bard tries one last time to redeem her after the Final Boss, but she shoots it down without a second thought.
  • Narm: Any otherwise serious moment can be turned into this due to the dedicated dance button, especially the one that causes the Bard to gain a goofy grin.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • The Woobie: The Bard themself whenever they get depressed, namely after realizing that the Angel didn't expect them to get so far and thought they would have given up by the time they reached the third overseer, and when confessing their feelings of being jealous and sad about how the current hero is cruelly acting to the Overseers. Doesn't help that you actually see them force a pained smile onto their face whenever they are looking at their mother during the former BSOD moment.
    • Hala definitely falls under this as well, dying in a desperate attempt to reach the enemy kingdom and convince them to stop the war, only to accidentally speed it up. Even when she gets the chance to spread her message to the enemy kingdom and beg her mother to stop the war, they both ignored her cries and elected to continue fighting.

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