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YMMV / Wandering Pilot

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Melpha's self-deprecating and humble demeanor is most certainly genuine at first, but after she marries Shinji, Rei begins to wonder if it's become a facade to keep Shinji all to herself.
  • Complete Monster: Melona is the The Dragon to the Swamp Witch, but outstrips her in depravity. Her very first act is to supposedly pull a Villainous Rescue on Shinji, only to reveal she had been sent to kidnap him by her mistress. Upon learning that he is in a relationship with Leina Vance, she rapes and castrates him out of spite. When his Healing Factor causes him to grow a new groin instantly, she imprisons him in a cave, starving and raping him (both physically and mentally) for nearly two weeks while also inflicting fatal injuries upon him since they won't kill him. After he escapes, she develops an obsession with killing everyone he holds dear and forcing him to watch, while also intending to recapture him and completely mentally break him into being her Sex Slave. In between these acts, she also commits other crimes using her shape-shifting powers; such as impersonating the pope so she can rape the nuns; and serving as an Evil Chancellor to Queen Claudette, giving her bad advice and encouraging her to rule despotically. But her worst atrocity comes in the penultimate chapter: after capturing Echidna, she forces the elf to reveal that she is pregnant with Shinji's child, then gruesomely extracts the fetus—by shoving her hand down Echidna's throat and pulling it out through her mouth—and eats it, sadistically declaring that it had developed enough to have a gender. This proves to be her final act, as the emotionally shattered Echidna breaks free of her bonds and kills her in a fit of rage.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: Melona is certainly ravishing, though her behavior serves as a good turn-off.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Elina's Jerkassery becomes this since Queen's Blade:Unlimited gave her a healthy dose of Adaptational Heroism. Given how the new Elina behaves in comparison to this one, she likely would have fallen for Shinji instead of hating his guts.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Lana is Demoted to Extra in this story, and neither he nor either of his parents are even mentioned after the time-skip. Meeting him as a teenager sometime during the Rebellion arc would have certainly been interesting.

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