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  • Memetic Mutation: Missless!Explanation 
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The game will not let you use your Aime card to play if you already have data for the game in another region. (For example, if you have ever played the game in Japan with your card, you cannot use it in the United States.) This stands out in comparison to other net-enabled arcade games, which will either let you use data started from another region (most rhythm games) or make you use new region-specific data but at least not make you purchase a new card (maimai DX).
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  • Win the Crowd: The unexpected announcement that the game would be released at Round1 in the U.S. (which was tucked in alongside the more prominent announcement that they were getting the new Dance Dance Revolution A20 gold cabinets) helped to generate a good amount of new, pre-release interest in the game from western fans (especially those who thought it would be yet another No Export for You game like Chunithm or maimai).

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