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Ricardo Rodriguez (Jesus Rodriguez) 2010-Present

     Commentators & Backstage Personalities 

Corey Graves (Matt Polinsky) 2011-Present

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Graves has been praised by fans for his work as an NXT commentator, and, upon becoming a Raw mainstay, has been considered a highlight of the announcing team.

Jerry Lawler (Jerry O'Neil Lawler) 1992-Present

Joey Styles (Joseph Carmine Bonsignore) 2005-2008

Josh Matthews (Josh Lomberger) 2001, 2002-Present

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: He was this to a good portion of the IWC during the Lawler/Cole feud, due to the fact that he repeatedly lampshaded how insane everything was and was the only one regularly calling matches.

Matt Striker (Matthew Kaye) 2005-2013

  • Badass Decay: Used to be an actual wrestler, then got put the announcing desk before becoming a backstage interviewer.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Half of the IWC loves him for being a smark and mentioning things from wrestler's indy days, the other half thinks he's the most annoying commentator alive and needs to shut the hell up.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Matt was an independent wrestler for five years, of course he knows his stuff.

Michael Cole (Michael Sean Coulthard) 1997-Present

Mike Adamle (Michael David Adamle) 2008

Scott Stanford 2009-Present

Todd Grisham 2004-2011


    General Managers 

"Anonymous Raw GM" 2010-2011

  • Ass Pull: The Hornswoggle reveal, pretty obviously.

Brad Maddox (Tyler Kluttz) 2012-

  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: His story of being a try-hard underdog who just wants to win one match to get onto the main roster, only to consistently be given competition that easily outstrips him, would probably be something fans could get behind pretty easily... If only Brad Maddox wasn't an arrogant little prick...

Eric Bischoff (Eric Aaron Bischoff) 2002-2007

  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: His entrance as the new General Manager of Raw in 2002. Even the wrestlers were shocked.
    • Enforced Method Acting: They were shocked because they weren't told beforehand. Bischoff's presence was kept a total secret.

John Laurinaitisnote  (John Joseph Laurinaitis) 2011-

Theodore Long 1999-

  • Awesome Music: His entrance theme, "MacMillitant." - probably one of the reasons he's kept it for ten years running.
  • Memetic Mutation: "A tag team match, playa!"
  • The Woobie: The man has taken a lot of crap after losing his job to Laurinaitis.

Vickie Guerrero (Vickie Lara Guerrero) 2005-

  • Heartwarming Moments: Her frog splash at WrestleMania 26, not only paying tribute to her husband, but doing it despite looking abjectly terrified at being a good fifteen feet in the air.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: During the start of her regular run on TV (not long after Eddie's death) she indeed gained quite a bit of weight. She has since slimmed down, but there were still an unfortunately high volume of on-screen jokes about her weight (usually from the similarly overweight Jerry Lawler).
  • Love to Hate: She draws perhaps more heat than any other wrestler, diva, or backstage personality in WWE except for maybe Michael Cole on his 'better' days. Here's how bad it's gotten: she's associated with Dolph Ziggler, a career heel who is starting to establish a very strong fan following. Thus, 9/10 times when Vickie appears, Dolph (whom a lot of the fans like and cheer now) follows soon after. Despite that association and not being nearly as heelish as she was in her GM storylines, she still gets epic boos.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Officially crosses it after firing Kelly Kelly for retaining Edge's title.
  • X-Pac Heat: Started out getting this, now, her heel heat is pretty much legitimate.


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