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YMMV / WTF With Marc Maron

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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The Louis C.K. interview is considered a seminal event within podcasting. But in the wake of revelations about CK's sexual misconduct, Marc and producer Brendan struggled with whether they should keep the episode up, take it down, or add a disclaimer as they, especially Brendan, thought that the episode could be used to soften public perception towards CK's behavior and rehabilitate a sexual predator's reputation.
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    • The Robin Williams interview was a sobering yet darkly humorous discussion about sobriety, mental health, and suicide. After Williams committed suicide, Marc reposted the episode with a new introduction, saying as hard as it is to listen to after such a tragedy, it is necessary to hear it again to show that Williams was a much more complex character than the manic clown many people saw him as.

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