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  • Anvilicious: "Thunderhead". W.A.S.P. wants you to know that heroin is bad shit. What makes it Anvilicious is the spoken word segment where heroin itself is talking to the eponymous addict as if it was some kind of demon, asking him to surrender his life and even commit murder, and Thunderhead readily agrees.
    • The video for "Babylon's Burning"
  • Awesome Music: Many moments, but the entire album The Crimson Idol is a standout.
  • Broken Base: The material since Chris Holmes left has been of mixed contention from fans. Some find it too close to being Blackie Lawless solo records under the W.A.S.P. name.
  • Face of the Band: Blackie Lawless is the only original member of the band and after The Headless Children he started to write pretty much everything by himself.
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  • Funny Moments: Blackie Lawless used to perform wearing a cod-piece that shot Roman candles out of it. One night it back-fired and severely injured his groin. As he was getting patched up by paramedics back stage, he dead-panned "We wouldn't have to do shit like this if we wrote better songs."
  • Narm:
    • Kill Fuck Die tries so hard to be dark.
    "Darkest motherfucker - on the planet!"
    "All pigs die - Kill, fuck, die"
    • At the end of "Damnation Angels" (from Helldorado) we have this lovely quote:
    "You know, It's a bitch, when you go to take a piss and your dick smells like baaad pussy. But you ain't have none lately."
  • Never Live It Down: Chris Holmes will probably never live down his appearance in "Decline of Western Civilization Part II", guzzling an entire bottle of vodka in a swimming pool while his mother watches in disappointment.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Back in the 80s, they were one of the PMRC's biggest targets because of their "inappropriate lyrics". Needless to say, all the fuss only increased their record sales and Blackie Lawless seemed to wear it as a badge of honor.
    • Although Blackie later became a born-again Christian and apologized for much of the previous music he wrote.
  • Signature Song: "I Wanna be Somebody," though "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" is well-known because of the PMRC controversy and "Wild Child" is frequently covered by other metal bands.
  • Tear Jerker: The Story Of Jonathan is sixteen minutes of Blackie Lawless narrating the life of Jonathan Aaron Steel (while in character as Jonathan himself). His whole life is basically one tearjerker after another.
    • Similarly, the last song of The Crimson Idol, "The Great Misconception of Me" qualifies. Especially on the last verse where Blackie is clearly weeping.
    • "Miss You" from Golgotha.
    • "Michael's Song" from Reidolized is a candidate for the saddest track in the band's discography. It's a simple acoustic instrumental accompanied by some of the most somber sounding synths you'll ever hear.
  • Vindicated by History: Helldorado came out when the peak popularity of W.A.S.P., and glam metal in general, had been long dead, and it came and went without a thump as a result. However, it's gone on to be a big fan favorite, with some even considering it the best post-80's album they did.

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