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YMMV / ¡Vivan los niños!

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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Polita falls in love with Santiago at the beginning of the soap opera, and he discovers this when Damian tricks Polita into believing that Santiago loves her too. The two resolve the misunderstanding and insist on just being friends... and after that, we never see the two interact again, unlike other possible couples that are developed over the course of the soap opera. It would have been interesting to see a romance come between them and portray the contrast between the fat and romantic idealist Polita and the thin, intelligent and rational Santiago, but the writers completely ignore it.
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Ángel. His unrequited love for Simoneta borders on obsession. Even when she's rude and even racist with Angel, he still refused to accept that she didn't like him in that way. Obviously he is in love with her only for her looks, not her personality. Had Ángel being a few years older, he would've been seen as really creepy.
  • Values Dissonance: Not even a Mexican children's soap opera can escape it...
    • It is terribly obvious that Angel is only interested in Simoneta because of her looks, since she is arrogant to everyone around her and is racist with him. Angel's interest in Simoneta also looks like a creepy stalker, so it's no surprise that some modern viewers are uncomfortable with both of them together at the end of the soap opera, which treats this as a happy ending.
    • The jokes with the obesity of Lucas and Polita sound terribly offensive to the present day, for obvious reasons.
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    • Polita and Santiago not becoming a couple at the end of the story may be that for some viewers, considering how many of the child characters form couples at the end. The fact that Polita is fat and Santiago is skinny has not gone unnoticed by some fans.
    • The mere concept of 8-year-olds already dating makes many foreign viewers horrified.

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