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YMMV / Visions & Voices

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  • Anticlimax Boss: If you don't power it up, the Final Boss is kind of a pushover compared to everything else you've fought. You're automatically healed to full health before fighting it, and though it gets a whopping four attacks per round, the individual attacks don't actually deal that much damage. It's also just as vulnerable to status effects as everything else, and doesn't have a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve.
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  • Awesome Music: Pretty much the entire soundtrack, but kind of ruined by the fact that the music titles are all about the innards of a dragon, leading to some rather weird names.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Vorpal Picks and Void Gems, which cripple enemies' attack stats. There aren't many of them, though, so they usually fall under Too Awesome to Use.
    • Dison has an ability that halves the maximum health of an enemy. This works on bosses.
    • Lyla. Full-party healing and powerful attacks? You'll likely never take her out of your party.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Telia and Elena endings.
  • Quicksand Box: Finding anything that isn't directly related to the main quest requires repeatedly combing the entire town each day to find new chests, skills, characters and Negative Space Wedgies.
  • That One Level: The Organic Tunnels probably count; it's an extremely large and confusing network of fleshy tunnels that's absolutely full of powerful monsters and locked chests.
  • That One Boss: Silent Alex and the Unspeakables.
    • The Netherverse Deity can be difficult too, especially on a solo run, since it has a spell that negates any status effects upon it. This is in a game where status effects are vital to success.
    • Hell's Champion. However, this is mainly due to its flunky, Dante's Companion, which gets three attacks per turn, all of which are pretty painful.

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