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  • Funny Moments:
    • Virulina changes into a shark and saves Darkstorm by swallowing him. The terrified look on Darkstorm's face when he sees those jaws is hilariously funny.
    • Cravex ranting at his allies in the second episode.
    • When Darkstorm falls in the water, he panics and yells at Mortdredd for help. Mortdredd just tells him that the water is just waist-height. The Spectral Knights laugh at him and Darkstorm sports a face that can be best described as: "Oh, great. I made an fool of myself in front of everybody".
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  • Inferred Holocaust: Technology stops working. We see a plane crash and 10 years later the huge (technically still habitable) cities are abandoned although there is no way that the villages have enough room for all the people who used to live in them. Clearly there is no longer any need to provide housing for millions of people.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: The main reason some people see the show at all is due to Chris Latta's strong delivery as Cravex, whose screechy voice is similar to Cobra Commander, Starscream and D'Compose.


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