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YMMV / Vigilante 8

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  • Awesome Music: The Dreamland theme from the N64 version.
  • Contested Sequel: 2nd Offense, despite improvements in pretty much every feature include one of the early RPG Elements on an obviously non-RPG game, the Scrappy Mechanic as noted below hit the game hard. Thankfully an unlock all cheat is available and the game is still enjoyably fun.
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  • Goddamn Bats: Dave, Beezwax, and Dusty's special weapons. To elaborate, Dave's special sics three small flying saucers on you that are impossible to escape unless you're in one of the fastest vehicles. Beezwax's special works the same way, but with a swarm of mutant bees that will juggle your car in the air causing constant damage unless you can outrun them. Dusty's special sends a hawk after you that conjures up a spirit tornado, whirling your car in the air for several seconds.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The alien ant invasion in the Meteor Crater level in 2nd Offense.
    • Padre's special weapon.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The objectives in 2nd Offense, in which many of them vague and tedious. It was so bad that most player simply use unlock all cheats, and the sales for the game considerably lower.
    • Still an improvement over the first games' objectives. The Coyotes had it simple enough, with their objective always being to destroy a certain map object, but the Vigilantes had to protect a certain map object, and the AI opponents can lock onto said objects with their weapons, making certain weapons like the Mortar entirely unstoppable.

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