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YMMV / Very Bad Deaths

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  • Complete Monster: Allen is a wealthy hyper-sadist who considers himself an artist and a scientist, specializing in human pain. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the most horrendous and painful ways to kill a man, Allen carves a legacy of torture, rape, and murder of the most twisted kinds over years, leaving at least 150 victims behind him. Allen considers it a test to keep his victims as alive as long as he can—his personal record being twenty-two days—and devises a variety of drugs ranging from those that promote fear and panic to those that amplify pain far beyond the usual, planning to continue murdering until he's able to catalog an entire book on the ways he's killed people. Allen's intended masterpiece is his intended fate for a happy family of four in Heron Island, BC: Allen intends to torture each member of the family to death over a course of days one at a time, the children included, before rendering the wife permanently aphasic and paraplegic, sending her off to an institute and visiting her regularly to continually remind her of what he did to her. Allen captures the protagonist, Russell Walker, and puts him through a round of torture to extract information from him, planning to visit as much of a month of torture on his associate Nika, and responds to the information that Russell's friend Zandor is psychic by gleefully sending unspeakably horrible mental images towards him and planning to keep him as his own pet, forcing him to bear the agony of every victim Allen murders for the rest of his life. A "one-in-a-billion freak" and a madman more vile than any other serial killer or sociopath the world has ever seen, Allen cheerfully admits he's a sociopath and revels in every minute in the marathons of agony he orchestrates.

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