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YMMV / Venus in Furs

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: If you put any stock by the letter she sends Severin at the end of the book, it is possible to read Wanda as a completely benevolent character. Not only did she go to great lengths to "cure" him, but her motives were singularly pure: She did what she did in order to remove an obsession that prevented him from living out his other good qualities. And she did it for his sake, because she knew from the beginning that the relationship could have no future.
    You yourself, however, stifled my love by your fantastic devotion and your insane passion. [...] However, I found it interesting to have you realize your ideal in my own person, and, while I gloriously amused myself, perhaps, to cure you.
    Your life surely is not without its sunshine, if you have gained control of your imagination, and those qualities in you have materialized, which at first so attracted me to you—your clarity of intellect, kindness of heart, and, above all else, your—
    moral seriousness.
    I hope you have been cured under my whip; the cure was cruel, but radical.
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  • Narm: Oh gods, masochism described in classical narrative quickly leads to absolute hilarity. One only needs to imagine Severin as the Edwardian equivalent of a 4chan user to make the book three times as entertaining.


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