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  • Archive Panic: As of this writing, Vanoss has uploaded over 900+ videos, with his friends each having nearly just as much. Not to mention that many of Vanoss’s videos has versions uploaded by his friends showing their perspectives and joke that might not be in Vanoss’s vid. Good luck trying to catch up with all that.
  • Awesome Ego:
    • Nogla, during Mario Kart 8 sessions, becomes rather smug much to the annoyance of everyone else he's playing with. However, he is more than able to back it up by being one of the best of the entire group at the game.
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    • Terroriser is the same case and many members of the group acknowledge this, even himself.
  • Broken Base:
    • Their collaborations with the Sidemen. Half the fanbase thinks they're funny in their own right and wants to see more, the other half thinks they're not as good as the usual content and wants them to never collaborate again, and the middle ground is virtually nonexistent.
      • This probably has to be because of the two groups' contrasting styles. Both sides act very inappropriately, but the Sidemen are very British, tend to appeal to their home country's youth, and are mainly focused on any number of the seven official members plus a handful of regular affiliates who are either fellow Brits or Commonwealthers. In contrast, the Vanoss side is multinational, caters to a wide variety of viewers, and their group's members are much more flexible in terms of collaborations. Plus, the Sidemen are an organized group who even run their own brand, while the Vanoss crew are really just a bunch of independent YouTubers who happen to play with one another very often.
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    • Wildcat and his uploading of Fortnite: Battle Royale. One camp loves that Wildcat clearly enjoys playing the game and that he’s The Ace. The other camp is sick of it due to Fortnite now being pretty much the only game on his channel currently (in fact, as of this writing, the last 18 videos Wildcat uploaded were Fortnite videos). Doesn’t help that Wildcat’s response basically boiled down to "I’m going to do what I want to do, and if you don’t like it, leave." A small break in Fortnite content did occur in March 2018 thanks to Ubisoft sponsoring some preview gameplay of Far Cry 5, and even then that was only for 1 or 2 videos. He even stopped playing with the main group, and started playing with various Fortnite streamers, such as Ninja and CouRageJD. He even plays with an 11-year-old named Connor. It is not known how they met.
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  • Creator's Pet: Well, it's for a series, but Wildcat and Fortnite: Battle Royale qualifies without a doubt. Ironically, he used to make fun of Delirious for playing a lot of Fortnite before becoming obsessed with it himself.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The VanossGaming crew has had PLENTY of moments of these, though here are a few we see that stand out:
    • During a group stream of MK8, after Panda won a race, he joked that his butt clenched so hard it opened a black hole. They got to talking about what that might sound like, which then brought up Stephen Hawking. Wildcat then imitated Hawking talking, but used a warbling voice that made him sound like he was underwater. The resulting joking about Hawking being at the bottom of a pool had Wildcat laughing so hard that he was wheezing and SMii7Y laughing to the point of his stomach hurting. Making it even better was that Terroriser had muted the group to give shout outs to people on his stream and missed the opening half of this.
    Terroriser: *un-mutes, hears everyone cutting up* Oh, I missed something funny! [...] Wha-what happened? What was said about swimming?
    SMii7Y: What? Oh, Stephen Hawking at the bottom of a swimming pool.
    Terroriser: Oh. Oh wow, wow, okay.
  • Discredited Meme: Pablo. Mini regrets ever creating the character of a creepy voiced child molester and has on multiple occasions referred to Pablo as "dead."
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • H2ODelirious is the most subscribed friend of Vanoss for his voice, the ridiculous things he says and especially his laughter.
    • Lui Calibre's also popular for his squeaker voice.
    • Daithi De Nogla is also loved for his voice, his angry/colourful rants and being the Butt-Monkey of the group.
    • I AM WILDCAT's not far behind from Nogla on subscriptions. Wildcat's loved for his Lampshade Hanging, silliness and helping in creating most of the memes listed below.
    • "Did someone say Cockatoos?" The moment SilentDroid said that was when his popularity skyrocketed.
    • Terroriser for being a Butt-Monkey and his multiple impersonations, especially his one of the Terminator.
    • BigJigglyPanda is loved for his rages and contagious laugh.
  • Fountain of Memes:
    • Most of what comes out of Nogla's, Delirious' or Wildcat's mouth.
    • Go to any GIF generator, search for "Mini Ladd" and you'll have GIFs for days.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In the "Toy's Escape" and "BasicallyIDoWrk's apartment" videos, both Delirious and Vanoss jokes about "Haven't seen Mini Ladd in a while" for both videos, and "killing" a ragdoll they named Mini Ladd on accident. Fast forward a few years, Mini becomes a victim in a hit and run accident for the latter joke, and Mini is unable to make videos with some of his friends due to them playing Fortnite (albeit it's not Vanoss or Delirious, it's Marcel who is present in both videos.) for the former joke.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Vanoss's "Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Garry's Mod Sandbox" video, Vanoss and Co. jokingly suggest that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 would be the game where the nightshift security guards at the pizzeria would fight back against the animatronics in a Call-of-Duty-esque all-out war. Five months later, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 becomes the first game in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise to not primarily take place in a pizzeria.
    • At the end of one of the group's older MK8 sessions, SMii7Y joked with Wildcat about "putting 'Yeet!' back on the map". Sure enough, come 2018, "Yeet!" started becoming a memetic exclamation again.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Hoo-dini! Explanation 
    • CHIPOTLE!!! Explanation 
    • Keep Er Goin.
    • And over there? Datsatoilet.
    • Streme Spoats! Explanation 
    • Knawledge.
    • GIVE BIRTH! Explanation 
    • ALRIGHT!!
    • It's GOROD time! Explanation 
    • The Results Are In! Explanation 
    • Shuch Up! Explanation 
    • WAPOW! Explanation 
    • Silent Brian Explanation 
    • #OffSeason Explanation 
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Vanoss and many of his friends have pretty contagious laughter. Delirious' is the most noticeable.
    • Nogla most of the time qualifies, due to his constant mis-speaking, making random noises, screaming in random ways, heavy accent, and having a wonky microphone that likes to shut down and cut him off mid-sentence.
    • Many would say Jiggly's laugh is what makes many of the Cards Against Humanity videos so funny.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Ohmwrecker's Gmod character model. Especially during games where everyone has shrunken bodies and larger heads.
      • Speaking of that, the Gmod Hide and Seek episode where the hiders were made to look like Goombas. Fourzeroseven had a Woody player model, and....well, see for yourself. The earlier part where Terroriser ambushes Vanoss and Delirious, who run into Fourzeroseven, is frightening.
    • Nogla's icon-based Gmod model. Uncanny Valley at its very finest.
    • In a GTA V video, where they check out the new DLC, WILDCAT was already pissed at Vanoss following an incident where he was AFK. Later, he said if anyone, probably Nogla, killed him, he would leave the game. Then Nogla kills him and.....WILDCAT just loses it. You literally hear him throwing things all over his house. Subverted though, as WILDCAT said he only hit his desk and slammed his door.
    Wildcat: (A few seconds after Nogla killed him) YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!
    Wildcat: (After finally getting uphill and killing Nogla) Now we're even.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Racingcatz (Cody) made only one appearance in Mario Kart 8, but he immediately solidified himself as the absolute best of the group during that one appearance and triggered one of Wildcat's biggest rages in his channel history.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • This from Marcel's Twitter. For those who don't want to click, Marcel had to put his dog down.
    • Mini Ladd revealing that his puppy Mochi choked to death. Even worse is that he was away, not being able to be with her in the end, and that Mochi was only several months old. The video that plays when you open his channel makes it worse. It's still the video where he got Mochi.
    • Ohmwrecker losing his dog Buddy in September 2018, after having him for fifteen years.
  • What an Idiot!: A whole, whole lot. Dumbness is just part of the group and part of the appeal as any one of the guys acts like a total idiot for no reason. They are clearly intelligent people, for a given value, but they don't have self-preservation skills inside games most of the time and we love them for it. Some particular instances:
    • "What happens if I get out right now?" Said by Vanoss whilst he and Wildcat are in a cop car at a high point of a hill in the 4th 4 player Heist of GTA 5. He goes out and ends up sliding down the hill until he dies, costing the group a life. Wildcat even calls him out on it, noting how dumb of it was for him to do that.
    • This is later followed up by Wildcat driving off the hill, doing multiple flips whilst shouting "Streme Spoats!" The car explodes once it lands down the hill, forcing the group to restart the mission. Even if the car didn't explode, Vanoss would've gotten himself killed by falling down the hill again, trying to follow Wildcat.
    • In the next part, Vanoss is trying to push a small car with the truck they need and Wildcat runs into the smaller one and gets pushed back. You'd think Wildcat would stay out of Vanoss' way after that. Instead, he runs to the truck Vanoss is driving, likely trying to get in but ends up run over, instead. This isn't helped by the fact that Wildcat loses the team's extra life earlier and Wildcat getting angry at Vanoss for killing him when it was his own fault for getting in his way.
    • Delirious tends to fall under this trope often... for various different reasons.
    • Mini Ladd fell under this trope during his earlier Mario Kart 8 recordings, not using items for protection, and not tricking off ramps. He got better eventually.
    • Ohm has had a number of these moments, especially in GTA and Uno.
    • Nogla has some spectacular instances of brainlessness during games, such as:
      • Drawing a Sherlock Holmes with an extremely deformed arm, which threw everyone off so badly that no one scored any points for that round.
      • Saying that he had to Google a picture of a taco to be able to draw it properly as he was drawing, thus giving away the answer. The look on Panda's face at that moment was priceless.
  • The Woobie:
    • Some of them can fall under this sometimes, if they become incredibly unlucky when playing. Special mention goes to Craig/Mini and Marcel/Basically.
    • Mini is probably the best overall candidate, due to not only all the crap he's had to deal with in gaming but for being seriously injured in the hit-and-run accident and for his beloved puppy Mochi dying suddenly while he and his girlfriend were traveling. On top of all of this, he's been focusing mostly on solo content recently as a result of most of the rest of his friends circle putting out nothing but Fortnite videos resulting in him being unable to make videos with them as a result of his distaste for Fortnite. The way he talks about it makes him sound bitter about the whole affair.

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