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YMMV / Van Helsinki

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  • Acting for Two: Of sorts. Van's actor also does the voice for the man who calls Van up to tell him about the case.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Van Helsinki, to a rather large degree. Is he an Unscrupulous Hero who is savvy enough to ditch the somewhat useless Fay, or is he only the Nominal Hero who is basically a mad-dog killer who is pointed at potential enemies and then left to do what he does best: kill them?
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  • Butt-Monkey: Possibly Fay, if she is not just The Chew Toy (the audience laughter at the sheer randomness of her death in the first screening cold imply the latter). Her family is killed, she walks into doors, gets brainwashed, knocked out, beaten up, and then murdered.
  • Faux Action Girl: Fay, possibly. She arguably does very little in the film. Admittedly, she does shoot Van's bullet out of the air (unless he shot hers, the film is not clear on this), and she does shoot Man and Jim (though at a range of maybe two metres), but she's defeated pretty easily by Geoff, and then by Svetlana, and then by Van.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Geoff, often. His plan nearly works and is only foiled by a deus ex machina from Svetlana (and the fact he left the pantry door unlocked with her inside it) and then some bad luck in the fight against Van himself.

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