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  • Acceptable Ethnic Targets: Italians, Russians, Hungarians, Albanians, Chinese, Arabs and Somalians to name a few.
  • Acceptable Political Targets: Pretty much every politician from the 90s and early 2000s
  • Adaptation Displacement: There are many people that know them from TV and have no Idea that they used to do comedy on stage.
    • Dan Sava was the first to play Costel, but everyone remembers Pietreanu's portrayal better.
    • Many people also forget that Pietreanu used to play Axinte (mostly do to the fact that he appeared only once) and remember Petrescu's portrayal way better, to the point were people started believing that he was created for the PRO Tv show and "Axinte" became his stage name.
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    • In fact, Petrescu is so well known now, that many people don't even know who Dan Sava was.
    • Some jokes are now remembered from Tv and people completely forgot that they used to be done on stage.
  • Awesome Music: The Vacanța Mare group are really great singers
  • Base-Breaking Character: Florin Petrescu. While he's not a character he used to be really controversial among fans. Some fans saw him as a Replacement Scrappy for Dan Sava while other enjoyed him. However he got way more fans now among the younger generation.
    • Every new character that has appeared in the Tv show.
  • Bizarro Episode: "Big Momma returns" from Leana&Costel. An episode where Leana's mom comes back from the dead as a vampire in search for Costel.
    • Another Leana&Costel episode called "Life like in the Movies" is this as well. Basically the plot centers around the villagers watching TV and each one thinks they are movie characters (Costel thinks he's Winnetou, Axinte thinks he is Tarzan, Lila thinks she is Cheeta, Mitică thinks he is Prince Charming, Romică thinks he is Rambo, Frankfurt thinks he is Hercules, The mayor thinks he is some sort of stripper and Mărin the Godfather thinks he is a Vampire)
  • Broken Base: The Vacanța Mare fans are really divided. The main divide being between the Stage fans and the TV fans with older fans preferring their shows on stage while the younger fans preferring the tv shows. But there is also the Dan Sava vs Florin Petrescu divide, the Pro TV vs Kanal D divide and recently the new Kanal D vs old Kanal D shows divide.
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  • Cant Unhear It: Their voices for Transylvanians, Moldavians and Hungarians can fall into this.
  • Crossesthe Line Twice: Many of their jokes can fall into this.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The characters that appeared on tv are this for some fans (mostly the younger ones)
  • Epileptic Tree: Some fans believe that Dan Sava was actually assassinated and it wasn't just an accident.
  • Everyone Is Satan in Hell: Some moral guardians claim that Leana and Costel promote domestic abuse.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Divertis. Both are Humor groups formed by students in the 80s, became famous trough shows on stage in the 90s, got a tv show on Pro Tv in 1999, and eventually moved to another channel. So naturally a rivalry was formed between the 2 fans. The Divertis fans thinks VM's humor to be sub par childish humor full of swearing and fart jokes.While VM fans think Divertis jokes are just narrow and lazy Political jokes.
    • Another rivalry is with the show În Puii Mei and with Mihai Bendeac in general. The VM fans see everything done by Bendeac as bad humor and him trying to ripp off VM.
    • Another one is with Las Fierbinți. Both are very successful comedy tv shows on Pro Tv who star popular comedians (VM has well The Vacanța Mare group while Las Fierbinți has Mihai Bobonete) who gather large audience. But the biggest similarity is between Leana&Costel and Las Fierbinți both being sitcoms set in the countryside. The VM fans consider Las Fierbinți yet another ripp-off and are angry at the fact that Las Fierbinți stole their spotlight as "The successful Pro tv Comedy show who features countryside life".
      • Ironically Radu Pietreanu has recently admited being a big fan of Las Fierbinți and even expressed his desire of being a writer on the show.
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    • In fact Vacanța Mare fans have a beef with all new comedians and comedy shows. To them Vacanța Mare are the best comedians and everything modern is just stupid humor that only dumb kids that don't know what real humor is enjoy. While the modern comedy fans accuse VM of being outdated and the modern humor is new and fresh.
  • Fanon: Some fans believe that Vodă from "Boier Moflea&Vodă" is Stephen the Great of Moldavia because in Boier Moflea's first (and only) appearance on stage he was one of Stephen the Great's boyars.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Dan Sava fans refuse to acknowledge after his departure, The stage fans in general refuse to acknowledge the tv shows, and the Pro Tv fans refuse to acknowledge the Kanal D shows.
  • Face of the Band: Mugur Mihăescu
  • Franchise Original Sin: One of the biggest complaints from the fans about the show is that it constantly recycles old jokes. However jokes were recycled before such as the one made by the shepherd in Vampiri în izmene who was re-used by Dan Sava in Am îmbuli-NATO with only the punchline changed and also the punchline were the old lady mentioned her wealth and the priest/doctor/Petrescu takes interest in her.
    • Another complaint is that political humor got toned down until they no longer did political jokes. While they did political humor on stage, their humor was not as political as say Divertis and a lot of their jokes were more about the Romanian society or things that could happen to you in the everyday life.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With LaBloc. Because both were comedy shows on Pro Tv who aired at around the same time and both fandoms share a rivalry with Las Fierbinți
    • Recently the VM and Divertis fans made peace and have united over a common goal: "Our comedy groups were the best comedians and everything modern sucks."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In Sex O'Clock Radu Pietreanu Makes this Joke
    Radu Pietreanu: I was in the Bellu Cemetery to see graves of actors. In the Bellu Cemetery a skeleton, only bones was coming towards me. I told him "Fuck Off! You don't scare me!" 2 Bodyguards appear "Sir please talk nicely! Mr Coposu didn't want to scare you, he just wanted to talk!"
    • Coposu will die in the autumn of the same year.
    • Another Joke this one made by Dan Sava in Vampirii în Izmene
      Dan Sava: Boris Yeltsin's heart surgery was a success. He can be visited at the Kremlin Mausoleum daily between 10:00 and 14:00.
    • Cu Oltenii la Eclpisă has a sketch where an agent from the Financial Guard (played by Dan Sava) comes to inspect a shop and at one point a gypsy singer (played by Radu Pietreanu) tells him that he "looks good in the funeral suit"
    • In the same sketch the gypsy sings a song who's lyrics are "May God make the Financial Guard die"
    • And finally from the same show. In the Crapu & Menumorut sketch the 2 go to heaven after dying in a car accident. Dan Sava died the same way within the same year.
  • Funny Moments: Being comedians, it's only natural
  • Genius Bonus: In Cu Oltenii la Eclipsă Menumorut's real name is revealed to Be "Holtea Gelu". For those unfamiliar with Romanian history, Gelu and Menumorut were princes who (along with another one named "Glad") ruled some realms from modern day Transylvania.
  • Growing the Beard: 1994 is considered the best year for them since it was the year where they became successful
    • For the Pro Tv show it's the early 2000s. With 2002 episodes being considered the best.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: As mentioned on the creator page, their shows would end with a parody of Floare de Iris. The lyrics were "And when we will be no more/You will remember/That there was Vacanța Mare/And whe we will be no more/And the night will be day/You will remember us". Back then the idea that Vacanța Mare will be no more was outlandish since at the time they were at the hight of their popularity.
    • "Toate Dânsele Sus" features a Parody of "Felicita" by Al Bano and Romina Power were they are arguing. 4 years later, they broke up.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: If Pisty wore glasses he would look like Walter White
    • A youtube comment has pointed out the similarities between this scene and Russia's 2014 Eurovision entry.
    • In Vampirii în Izmene there is a sketch were Ion Iliescu meets Yaser Arafat. And at one point Arafat asks him if he will visit his country to which Iliescu replied "If i win in 2000 i will". Fast forward to the 2000 elections and Iliescu becomes president again.
    • The Jokes about Iliescu winning the 1996 elections done in many shows are now this since he lost.
    • In the "Magical Neon Sketch" from Ce-Lularul Meu at one point Mihăescu who is the guy with the Neon gives it to Pietreanu and asks him to rub it and call for his dream girl called "Lili". Fast forward to the next decade and Pietreanu plays Costel in VM show after Sava's death. And at the same time in 2002 ''La Bloc'' makes it's debut. A show which has a character named Costel who's wife is called Lili.
    • One of their show is called "Sex O'Clock" made in 1995. Fast forward to 2017 and Rangle releases a song with the same name.
    • In the Leana&Costel 2003 new year special, there's a Mexican bandido called "El Tigre".
    • One of the hotels Gheorghe and Pisty were considering in "Am îmbuli-NATO" is called "Hotel Transylvania"
    • In "Life like in the Movies" Romică, Frankfurt and Mărin watched the music channel were they saw a music video of the Romanian boy band 3SudEst. This caused them to become the said band and at one point they made a dance move that resembles dabbing.
    • In an episode of "Talk Show" the guest was a blonde stripper named Lolo. Her real name was Bâzgă Urinela! Fast forward to the Kanal D series and Axinte marries a blonde girl named Urinela Bâzgă. And if that's not enough, Inimă de Oltean also has an episode were she becomes a stripper.
    • As mentioned on "Funny Aneurysm" Moment the gypsy singer sings a song about how he would like the financial guard to die. In 2013 the financial guard was disbanded and replaced by the General Directorate for Fiscal Anti-Fraud (DGAF).
  • Hollywood Homely: Leana is described as this. Taken U Pto Eleven in "The Cosmetics" where Characters react worse than they normally do towards her (e.g Costel asks "Who ran over his wife with the Tram over the face?", When Leana adresses him Costel proclaims that "Frankenstein" know him" then he calls for the Antipa Museum claiming that the "Olteanosaurus" has escaped and finally, he says that he wants to hide in the woods (because the original plan with the basement doesn't work since apparently Leana has large jaws that can dig trough the ground, Lila acts towards Leana like she is a witch and even asks her "not to turn her into a frog" etc.)
    • Before Leana, there was Professor Hărăbor's wife
    • And before both of them, Victor Ciorbea (The Romanian PM at the time) was this.
  • Idiot Plot: At the end of the Leana&Costel episode "Switches" Leana is confronted by the angry villagers who ask her to name a difference between them and her (that difference being that they are all beaten up while she isn't) however because she knew this she comes up with "I'm a woman and you are not" to which the villagers replay that this is one thing and what's the other one. But Leana couldn't think of something else so she got beaten up. Many people have suggested that she could have said that she's bald and they are not and she could have escaped.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: One of the main complaints about the Pro Tv show was that it recycles previous jokes.
  • Memetic Mutation: Almost every line was this at one point
    • Garcea is now a Romanian nickname for Cop.
    • This parody has become one in recent years
  • Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales: Despite Leana&Costel being negative Oltenian stereotypes, they have many Oltenian fans.
  • Misblamed: A lot of fans blame Pro Tv or the Censors for making Vacanța Mare move away from political humor on tv. Actually Mugur Mihăescu stated that the reason they stopped doing political humor was because they wanted their humor to be more universal and timeless.
  • More Popular Replacement: Among younger fans, Florin Petrescu has become way more popular than Dan Sava.
  • Never Live It Down: To many people, Vacanța Mare are still known as "Those guys who do subverted swears."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dark Humor is one of their main brands of humor. So naturally some of their sketches can get pretty dark. Especially if you are a kid.
    • The aforementioned Leana and Costel episode (Big Momma Returns) is a good example of this. A lot of people who grew up with the tv show were scared of this episode. In the comment section of the video uploaded by the VacanțaMareOficial channel, there are still comments from people who claim the episode is still scary.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Many people criticized them for their more vulgar and straight forward humor and would often advice others not to go to their shows. However, all this controversy made people more curious about them and they went to watch them just to see what all the fuss was about.
  • Only the Creator Does It Right: Many older fans believe that anything after Dan Sava's departure is bad.
  • Older Than They Think: Some fans think that Axinte was just created for the Pro Tv show. Actually Axinte first debuted in Beatman Forever in the very first Leana&Costel Sketch, where he was played by Radu Pietreanu.
    • There are also some fans who believe Leana and Costel themselves were created for the Pro Tv show.
    • Same goes for Boier Moflea. While the PRO tv show was in full swing by the time he was created the "Boier Moflea&Vodă" segment was not a thing yet and Boier Moflea was just a one shot character in a sketch about Stephen the Great.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Florin Petrescu is seen as one for Dan Sava fans.
    • Some fans see Urinela as one for Matilda the Godmother from the Pro tv show.
    • Superman is seen as one for Romică
  • Sacred Cow: Dan Sava. Mocking him or saying anything bad about him is unacceptable by Vacanța Mare fans especialy by the older fans.
    • Vacanța Mare as a whole is this (especially the stage shows from the 90s and early 2000s and the Pro Tv show). Mostly because a lot of people grew up with them and now they are an important part of their childhood.
  • The Scrappy: Every new character introduced on tv is this for the older fans.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Back in the day Vacanța Mare was revolutionary. Since there was some really heavy censorship during Communism which would not have allowed comedians to run free with their idea. So for the 90s audiences those jokes were a breath of fresh air. However to modern audiences those jokes are just predictable cheap jokes.
    • Back in the day they were also really edgy. Their jokes about condoms, oral sex (or sex in general) Homosexuality and masturbation, the fact that they swear despite those swears being softer Gosh Dang It to Heck! kinda swears along side references to worse swearwords (even though they were under the form of Curse Cut Short and Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion) and some song parodies being about ST Ds was considered the most vulgar thing ever, to the point were they got criticized for their vulgarity, they themselves admitted to be vulgar (and even advised parents not to take their kids to their shows) and when they got a tv show the CNA (Romanian version of FCC) keept sending them warnings. But nowadays all this are really common in humor and comedians say even worse swears to the point were Vacanța Mare looks tame in comparison and modern audiences don't understand why was everyone freaking out so much about them.
    • Many of the jokes they made in the past were about the Pop culture, Commercials, Society, Celebrities and Politics at the time. So naturally back then the audiences were on the floor laughing. But nowadays most of those jokes will fly over modern viewers heads.
    • The fact that they were playing female characters was also something new and impressive at the time since nobody else did it before. But like everything else Cross Cast Roles have become so common that nowadays Mihăescu's portrayal of Leana or any other instance of them playing female characters is not so impressive anymore.
  • Shallow Parody: Some of their parodies can be considered this.
    • They themselves find themselves victims of these. Almost everyone who parodies/mocks Vacanța Mare depicts their humor as just fart jokes/toilet humor, swearing, sex jokes and other types of childish humor and completely ignore all the jokes they made about Romanian politics and society and all the many jokes were their humor wasn't even suggestive.
  • Seasonal Rot: The 2005, 2006 and 2007 episodes of the Pro Tv series are this for a most fans.
  • Special Effect Failure: On stage (especially in the early days) they didn't really have much to work with so they worked with what little prop they had.
    • The PRO Tv show being really old has many such moments.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Many fans have complained about the Tv show for curbing political humor, becoming less vulgar and the addition of new characters.
    • Some fans also complained about Radu Pietreanu playing Costel.
    • This is also the reaction of the fans towards the Kanal D shows
  • Values Dissonance: Many of the jokes they did in the past were about Homosexuals, Blacks, Asians, Arabs etc. While they might have been funny back then, nowadays they can come across as racist or homophobic.
  • Values Resonance: Many jokes about what a shitty country Romania is/was. While today Romania is far from what it was in the 90s or 2000s, it still faces problems such as poverty and corruption. Not to mention the fact that some of the politicians parodied and mocked in their shows are still relevant today such as Victor Ciorbea who now is the Romanian Ombudsman and PNȚCD who has recently teamed up with PSD for the elections.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: While some of them were well known parody songs, many of the songs they parodied were pretty obscure. So a lot of people learned about them from the Vacanța Mare parodies
    • People who have watched their shows on stage but are not familiar with 90s Romanian politics will only know of them just because Vacanța Mare made jokes about them.
    • The Pîrțag family are so accurately depicted as Romanian villagers that many people didn't even realized that they are basically just the Bundys in rural Romania.
    • In 2013 a video with a kid known as "Sculă Bob" who was singing the rap song Garcea sung in "Garcea at the school" was uploaded on YouTube. Some users who commented on the Garcea clip recognized the song from Sculă Bob's video.
    • In 2016 a Youtuber uploaded an animated version of their "Iko Iko" parody from Cu Oltenii la Eclipsă. Needless to say, there were quite a lot of people who thought that he made the song and didn't even realized that it was originally from Vacanța Mare. Let alone a parody, despite the video clearly stating that the song is from VM.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: While nobody thinks VM are for kids. Many kids did grow up with them and as mentioned above VM did warn parents not to bring their kids to their shows as they were not for kids.


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