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  • Funny Moments:
    • The fact that you can get people arrested for literally anything as long as you follow up the charges with a parole violation. This extends to completely nonsensical charges like "meme smuggling" or "being a jerk".
    • If you overdraft your bank account you have to pay a 500cr fine to a random bank account. A truly random bank account. This means that, if you have multiple bank accounts, you may have to pay a fine to yourself.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The chronic insecurity of the Inter NIC server makes life a little too easy.
    • Calling the InterNIC server's insecurity 'chronic' is like calling water wet, to emphasize. However, there's still the Uplink Test Server that you can break into to cover your tracks.
    • Bah, that's basic. Do a Trace balance transfer mission involving a large cash amount. Note your bank ID & IP, get back to the account of the TBT mission, transfer all of them to your account, delete transfer log, disconnect, then delete transfer log at your account, then clean all bouncing logs. Voila, you now have money to buy everything you need (if the money is more than 200000). Of course, given the short timeframe for deleting all the logs makes it really easy to get caught, makes this a Death-or-Glory Attack. But, hey, high risk, high reward..
      • That example actually demonstrates the problem even better: You don't have to delete all of the transfer logs—just the one that directly connects to your gateway. So if InterNIC's your first connection point for both bank hacks, all you have to do is clean the bank logs, DC, then go to InterNIC and delete your outgoing logs and the logs that say you logged in as an admin and edited logs. Then sit back for like five minutes and wait for your rating upgrade to come.
      • To be fair, you only get around 20-30 seconds real time even on a high bounce connection to cover your tracks after confirming the transaction and you NEVER know how much you have time left as they use passive traces. It IS doable, but you need to be lightning quick.
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  • Good Bad Bugs: Early versions of the game had dead or arrested people answer their phones like nothing was wrong. Also, phone calls would sometimes play in Slow Motion, which just sounded ridiculous.
  • Paranoia Fuel: You won't know you've actually done something fatal (or at least extremely inconvenient, if you've got a motion tracker and explosives and enough cash to restart) until you get a sudden blank screen.
  • That One Level: For some people, hacking into a LAN. Unlike the rest of the game, navigating a LAN means playing cat and mouse with the server administrator and navigating all the hardware - using subnet masks, lockbreakers, and all that jazz. Now enjoy doing it three or four times to the same LAN in order to retrieve several hundred Gq of data, then delete the local copies and upload that data to a server for another corporation to use! Mmmm, corporate espionage!
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  • Unwinnable by Insanity: It's possible to render some of the data retrieval missions unwinnable by purposefully vandalizing and wiping everything on the servers you hack.

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