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  • Complete Monster: In Dark Kingdom, the Priestess is a woman from another dimension with magical powers fueled by human suffering. After being summoned by the King of Dureth, Halaskar, to his own dimension, the Priestess kickstarts her plan by corrupting the king and turning Dureth into a Hell on Earth, basking in the agony of the innocent civilians and ordering the king to build gigantic torture devices known as the Sites of Anguish. When she finds out about the rebellion caused by the king's former knights known as the Dragon's Shade, the Priestess manipulates one of their members into betraying the order and killing their comrades.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Enemies that rush at you headfirst and explode on contact, causing lots of damage and knocking you down. The only way to kill these is to use long-range attacks if you've happened to notice them from far away, since they're very agile. The game also has some actual demonic spiders as enemies.

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