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  • Base-Breaking Character: Derek Kerswill. Some think he was a perfectly capable drummer who did exactly what he was asked to on The March, was unfairly derided by a fandom who didn't quite get what the band was going for on that album, and was then unceremoniously drummed out when the rest of the band didn't like his ideas for their next one. Others say he was a mediocre drummer whose shoddy work kept the band's most ambitious album from reaching its full potential, and was then justifiably let go when he tried to push the band onto a mainstream rock path it never could've gone down without dropping its key member.
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  • Contested Sequel: There was some controversy surrounding Darkness In The Light as the band made a number of subtle shifts (and a few less subtle ones, like the return of the clean vocals) that had preceded a full shift out of Metalcore and into mainstream metal among many of their contemporaries. The subsequent shift away from this and towards a more Melodic Death Metal-esque sound on Watchers of Rule may have been a response to this reaction.
  • Critical Dissonance: The Oncoming Storm recieved mixed reviews from many music critics, particularly long-time metal critics, but was immediately latched onto by the metalcore scene and is now widely regarded by both critics and fans as a prime example of the genre at its best. Conversely, The Stings of Conscience was very well received critically upon its release, but while plenty of pre-2004 fans still love it, Storm has largely overshadowed it in the public eye.
    • To an extent, this is true of their entire discography - they're beloved by metalcore fans for largely staying the course and managing to maintain creative vitality while doing it, and have even carved out a small Periphery Demographic in the Extreme Metal community due to their noticeably harsher sound compared to many melodic metalcore acts. Metal critics, however, have been very divided over the band,note  although more of them have ruled in their favor during The New '10s.
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  • Face of the Band: Trevor Phipps
  • Signature Song: "My Will Be Done"

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