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YMMV / Under the Rainbow

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  • Unfortunate Implications: Being a 1980s comedy about the 1930s, it isn't exactly the most politically correct movie out there. But even by those standards, it has some pretty horrific things to say about non-straight, white, able-bodied males. The Japanese are not only almost all portrayed as photographers who mix up their R's and L's and have a photography club called JAPS, but it also has them all dying horrific deaths that are basically waved off as hilarious by the movie itself, to the point where when a group of them are shot, a white guy in the elevator's response to it is just "I would've held the door open for you, y'know". Not only that but, at one point, one of the Dwarfs in the movie, who are the good guys, gets ready to rape a bunch of distraught women and it's seen as being hilarious in the context of the movie. Worse, the film basically portrays every character with Dwarfism as psychopaths that will ruin any place they go to just for the hell of it. Not only that, but many of them have very childlike personalities because, apparently, just because someone is the size of a child means they are a child. To say some critics weren't exactly amused by the movie's portrayal of little people is putting it mildly.


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