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  • Complete Monster:
    • Sabretooth. While this is hardly out of character for him, he sinks to new levels of despicable pettiness when he reveals he started the entire Brotherhood scheme purely as an excuse to manipulate Wolverine into killing another of his own children, not caring about getting many of his comrades killed (not to mention all the emotional damage to X-Force themselves) in the slightest.
    • "Otherworld" & "Final Execution" arcs: Harry Pizer, also known as "the Skinless Man", was once a barrister who used his ability to stretch and contort his body to cheat and win cases. When contracted by the Weapon Plus program to fight the Russians during the Cold War, Pizer, designated Weapon III, giddily used the opportunity to slaughter countless enemy troops, deeming it a righteous cause all the while before murdering his way into Otherworld to steal the powerful Orb. After being skinned alive due to Fantomex's interference in his plans, Pizer only got worse as he assisted in orchestrating a bloody war against all of Otherworld, and later attempted to torture Fantomex and Psylocke to death in front of each other, starting by slicing Fantomex's face off. Eventually joining Daken's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants after murdering his ex-wife and her new husband, Pizer gleefully takes part in their plans to psychologically torture the young boy Evan into becoming the next Apocalypse, even tricking the boy into thinking his father figure Fantomex is alive only to reveal Pizer murdered him. When confronted by a vengeful Evan, Pizer offers him one final chance to revive Fantomex, only to swipe the offer away, simply laughing at the boy's gullibility. Pizer stands out even among the Brotherhood due to the fact that, while all the other members have alternative motives for trying to create a new Apocalypse, Pizer just wants the boy to kill millions of people as a final spiteful move towards Fantomex.
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  • Funny Moments: Deadpool singing Miami Sound Machine's "Conga," while being tortured.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: During Deadpool and Evan's talk, Deadpool comments that he'll probably never have kids hence why Evan is like a son or little brother to him. Not even a few years after this book Deadpool would learn that he actually has a daughter (Ellie Camancho).
    • Even better, Evan helps save her when she's thrown out a window after Deadpool called him for help.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Nightcrawler asks Deadpool why he'd go on such a dangerous mission, especially since he lost his healing factor. His answer (well, second answer) was that he didn't want to let anyone down, because the X-Force is the closest thing he's ever had to a family. Remember, this is coming from the guy who's been mistreated pretty much his entire life, and has only ever had a handful of friends.
    • Also Deadpool's heart-to-heart with Evan, in which he reassures him that he's a great kid and isn't anything like Apocalypse.
    Evan: At my lowest point you were the hero who showed up to save me.
    Deadpool: ...That... that's the first time anyone's ever called me that...
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Subverted with Fantomex shooting Kid Apocalypse, as he eventually revives Evan. However the fact that Deadpool is the only member of the team to object to Evan's death certainly paints a dark picture of X-Force as a whole.
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    • Sabretooth basically leaps across the horizon with glee. He manipulates things so that Wolverine is forced to murder his own son just for the pleasure of making Logan feel like shit.
  • Squick: Absolutely everything about Blob-295.
  • Stoic Woobie: Fantomex.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
    • Fantomex and Psylocke. Later turns out to be invoked. Fantomex knew Psylocke didn't really have feelings for him, but he had to make her question her devotion to Warren in order to acquire the courage needed to kill him.
    • Future!Wolverine and Future!Psylocke are together. For... reasons?
  • Tearjerker: Many of Logan and Daken's scenes together in Final Execution, culminating in Logan being forced to kill his son, intercut with what might have been had Logan not been an absentee father to Daken.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Deadpool is popular with the fans, but tolerated at best by the rest of the team and actively despised by Wolverine. Most egregious example: when Fantomex shocks the team by killing kid!Apocalypse in cold blood, Deadpool takes the brunt of the team's wrath for openly questioning the killing. Leads to Dude, Where's My Respect?. Deadpool does garner a little more respect from his teammates after they've been through a few life and death situations, especially Wolverine and Fantomex, oddly enough.
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  • The Woobie: Deadpool and Kid Apocalypse.


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