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  • Awesome Ego: Ultron's a huge egomaniac but he's also absolutely brilliant and insanely powerful.
  • Cant Un Hear It: You're probably reading him in the voice of either Tom Kane, Jim Meskimen, or James Spader (if you're a fan of the MCU).
  • Complete Monster:
  • Evil Is Cool: Oh definitely he's a killer AI able to go toe to toe with The Avengers whose also a skilled and absolutely brilliant Evil Genius.
  • It Was His Sled: Believe it or not, his very being used to be this trope. When he was first introduced, posing as a mysterious mastermind known as the Crimson Cowl, he was initially presented as Actually a Doombot used by Jarvis as a decoy, only to reveal later Jarvis was innocent and the real villain was the alleged decoy. Back when the comic came out, this was a huge twist, but nowaday, Ultron has become such a popular character people are actually more familiar with him as his true self than as the Crimson Cowl alias.
  • Love to Hate: Oh yes. He is possibly one of the most evil characters in the Marvel universe, and fans love him because of it. Imagine someone with the intelligence of Hank Pym only completely amoral and basically immortal.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: At least two adaptations have depicted Ultron as connected to Tony Stark rather than Hank Pym. Many fans had negative reactions to this, complaining it takes away one of the coolest villains from a fairly obscure character to non-comic fans and gives him to a character who already is quite popular of his own.
    • As an evil robot, Ultron in adaptations has mostly involved a voice actor. There have been plenty of issues about if certain voice actors are up to the task. This even caused some criticism of James Spader for doing the voice and mocap in the Avengers film.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Fans consider him one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe. In-universe he's one of the most hated characters, precisely for how sociopathic and ruthless he is.


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