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YMMV / Ultra Q Dark Fantasy

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  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The entirety of "Unitoroda's Repayment". After many tragic or nightmarish episodes, we get a warm-and-fuzzies story about an alien befriending ordinary folk and living happily alongside them.
    • "The Puzzle Woman" and "Komachi", both being romantic stories, end on a surprisingly sweet note for this series.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Even more than the original Ultra Q. "The Slave of Heironymous" is a good example.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Many episodes. The Narrator even seems to be trying to encourage this at times.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Captain Hijikata's actor Kai Shishido appears in "Who Are You?"
    • Ren Senjyu's actor Masato Uchiyama is the love interest of Tachibana in "The Eyes of the Totem", while Jun Himeya's (Yusuku Kirishima) appears in "The Quiet End". And to top it off, Masami Horiuchi is Kadono in "Hitogata" and later Commander Matsunaga in Nexus.
    • Lily's actress reappeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle as Karen.
    • Komachi, the titular girl of "The Town Beauty", may be better recognized by most as Nanami/Hurricane Blue, but she would later reappear in Ultraman Max as Natsumi, the Girl of the Week in the two-part story "The Daughter of Zetton" and "I Love King Joe".
    • Shiro Sano is The Narrator for this series, and would later do it again on Ultraman Max.