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  • Complete Monster: Loni Stane is the true villain behind Obadiah Stane and Dolores. A sociopathic woman who uses everyone around her as stepping stones to more power, Loni orchestrates the murder of her own husband Zebediah, having him vertically ripped in half slowly out of sadism, and frames her former husband Howard Stark for it, who she then tries to have poisoned. Making a move to become an Arms Dealer, Loni plans to blow up an entire city with a nuclear weapon, killing her own son Obadiah in the process to eliminate suspicion from herself, and executes the terrorist she hired to help with this, Dolores. Later leaving Obadiah to die from poison gas while mocking him, Loni executes the teenage girl Nifara as well as her own henchmen to eliminate witnesses of her crimes, and then plans to murder Tony Stark while forcing his father Howard to watch, with Loni taking despicable joy from the pain she causes the whole while.

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