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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
  • Broken Base: Between the Mazinger Z / Great Mazinger fans and the ones from Grendizer anime (especially fans from France, Canada and the Middle East for the latter) This is due to the distribution of the anime in this countries previously to the two prequels, leading to the confusion that the former series were actually rip-offs of Grendizer. Besides clarifications over time, there is still a feel of mutual hate, since the anime version of Grendizer differs very much from the original manga and the concept of the whole Mazinger saga, leading over time to Mazinger fans call Mazinkaiser as the true third series from the saga, and Grendizer fans considering their anime as a self-contained universe, somehow settling the conflict (except if a Mazinkaiser vs. Grendizer in Super Robot Wars multiverse turns up...)
  • Complete Monster:
    • Original manga: The psychotic Barados is the worst of the Vegan commanders. When attacking Planet Fleed, Barados built a mountain out of the civilian dead while abducting the women and children. Barados used them as hostages to get Planet Fleed to turn over their best weapons and proceeded to "release" them—by dropping them down miles to shatter upon the ground. Upon taking command of the invasion upon earth, Barados targets civilians to abduct and ties them to his own mecha when engaging Grendizer, killing several just to prove a point and intending on killing them all to secure his victory.
    • Gosaku Ota's manga: King Vega, ruler of the Vegan forces, is a brutal conqueror who abandoned most of his people to die on their doomed homeworld, deeming them unworthy of rescue. Conquering world after world, Vega had Planet Fleed annihilated, with the people massacred, converted into Cannon Fodder soldiers, or having the women sent to "service" Vegan officers. On Earth, Vega commands widespread destruction from his forces, and when he takes command, intends to set off every nuke in the world to exterminate all life on the planet, something which horrifies even other Vegan commanders like the ruthless Zuril.
  • Gateway Series:
    • In France. Arrived in the late 70s on a public channel and created a public outcry. The reason was the french opening song, that some found kinda xenophobic, extending this to the show itself. It was a HUGE success anyway, and it's basically thanks to this show that the anime fanbase exists in France, since it created the first French generation of anime fans.
    • Many Middle Eastern anime fans name this as their very first anime.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Good god. There's actually a case for naming the trope "Non-Japanese Love Grendizer", as the show has an absolutely enormous following in the Arab world, as well as in Europe, particularly in France and Italy (where it was the first exported anime to get truly, monstrously popular). In Italy, where the show is known as Goldrake, it's still very popular, particularly with kids of the 80s. Quebec also got the imported French version and it did well there.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Naming the enemies "Vegans". So living on an herbivorous diet ruins planets and turns you into destroyer of worlds? They might be trying to imply that the enemies are from the star Vega, but still... To double the hilarity, Scott Pilgrim features people who gain super-powers by becoming vegans. Countdown to Scott Pilgrim/Grendizer fanfic begins now...
  • Ho Yay: A section of the fandom sees the relationship between Kouji and Duke like this. Two handsome men who are good friends and rivals — it'd be odder if some parts of the fandom did not latch onto this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Commander Barados' method of dealing with hostages.
    Duke: "And it was then... That cruel rain began to fall! A deluge from children began to rain upon Fleed. From three-thousand meters in the sky... The children..."
  • Sequel Displacement: Grendizer was aired in France and in Italy before Mazinger Z, becoming phenomenally popular. When Mazinger-Z was aired, it was accused of ripping-off one of its sequels.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: In this franchise's fandom you find two kind of people: those that think that Kouji Kabuto was in love with Sayaka Yumi, and those that think that he barely cared for her like a friend (Sayaka has always been his Official Couple or at the very least Implied Love Interest, but you talk about facts to a shipper) and he paid more attention to any other woman that showed up in the series (Misato, Erika, Minerva...). Kouji/Maria are the largest faction of the second group by far, due to the sheer amount of people watched Grendizer first. And then you have the people who ships Sayaka with Boss, or the arguments among Duke/Hikaru and Duke/Rubina shippers. However, debates between shippers are refreshingly civil and without mud-slinging.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Arguably, several of the one-shot Vegan ambassadors/officers, whom could have added some interesting complications to the war (Rubina being the worst offender in this regard).
  • The Woobie: Honestly, Rubina could not catch a break.


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