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YMMV / Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace

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  • Bile Fascination: Between the rushed development, the numerous continuity errors and the laughable wardrobes and hairstyles, the film is steadily gaining a reputation as this.
  • Complete Monster: Sarah Miller, real name Betty Mills, is a con artist who manipulates elderly women while stealing their fortunes, freezing their bank accounts and taking their Social Security information, before kidnapping and locking them up in her basement where they either die from lack of necessities or kill themselves from the trauma. She's done this to over sixteen elderly ladies for 25 years. When Grace gets driven to the Despair Event Horizon by Shannon and seemingly kills him, Sarah hides his body and guilt trips her into admitting she killed him, in an attempt to frame her for a fake murder charge.
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  • Hollywood Homely: Grace, who despite being portrayed by the attractive Crystal Fox is seemingly played to be much older than she appears. Although no one is saying she's ugly, Shannon seems to think that she's not very pretty, after insulting her looks to a new sexual partner who asks if that is his mom.
  • Idiot Plot: The entire plot can only happen because everyone is a complete and total idiot.
    • Jasmine: In spite of the fact that she has ample evidence that Shannon was abusing Grace, and stole tons of cash from her, she never presents any of that evidence in court.
    • The Police: Grace at one point tries to have Shannon arrested, and in spite of the fact that Grace has video evidence of Shannon committing theft and/or fraud, the police do nothing.
    • The Bank: Again, video evidence of Shannon's wrongdoing exists, but the bank does nothing about it. Never calling the authorities for what are definitely felonies.
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    • The Prosecutors: Attempt to prosecute Grace for murder in spite of the fact that Shannon is still officially listed as "missing" and his body was never recovered.
    • Jordan (Jasmine's police officer husband): Leaves Sarah handcuffed and all alone, allowing her to escape and start up the same scheme in another city.
  • Memetic Mutation: "ASHTRAY, BITCH!"
  • Rewatch Bonus: And how! Let's see, there's the people in the background scene of the diner who are badly pantomiming eating their food, the not-so-subtle mics that make their way into the shot post-diner date, the actor who plays the judge with the actual script in front of him, Grace's hair going from neat to unkempt in just one take, photos of messages and calls instead of actual messages and calls and the diner (which is presumed to be a Steak n' Shake) serving wine.
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  • Special Effects Failure: The scene during which Shannon and Grace go into a field filled with fireflies comes off as rather unconvincing. Not only that, but judging by the characters' clothing, it must be fall or at least early winter. Not exactly ideal weather for fireflies.
  • Squick: Sooo... Sarah and Shannon are supposed to be mother and son but in Grace's flashback, they share a very brief intimate moment before the former leaves them to discuss their marital issues.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: The wigs. Most people pointed out how Shannon's hair took them out of the movie. He comes off looking like Jermaine Jackson. Tyler's wig is also the subject of ridicule. As if the hair wasn't bad enough, Shannon's styling comes off as dated.

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