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  • Americans Hate Tingle: In contrast to their popularity in Korea, 2NE1 heavily underperformed in Japan and their album sales pretty much flopped (eg. selling about 26,000 copies of one album as compared to Girls' Generation's 858,337+, and KARA's 500,199+/742,689+), though they are not the only ones. It didn't help very much when 2NE1's "Hate You" music video - which was released shortly after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake - led to unfortunate implications, as it depicted an explosion similar to the nuclear power plant meltdown that occurred shortly after. Ironically, 2NE1 has been getting some good press in America (see Germans Love David Hasselhoff).
  • Awesome Music:
    • Their song, "Missing You". Full stop. It's pretty much an acoustic track with backing piano, and the girls sound stunning.
    • Their second album, Crush, is absolutely full of them!
  • Broken Base:
    • The girls themselves, since their debut. Before 2009, Bom and CL had already appeared in several tracks by their labelmates (the former as a singer, the latter as a rapper), while Dara had been a huge starlet in the Philippines before moving back to her native Korea. Every single one of them was also supposed to debut as a soloist or in other groups. This means that they all had their fans even before 2NE1's debut (except probably Minzy), and to this day, some fans of 2NE1 seem more fans of one of the girls rather than fans of the whole group.
    • Bom's voice in "All I Want For Christmas Is You". She's been described as slurring, incoherent, having horrible pronunciation... Many Blackjacks opined that it should have been a Minzy/Lee Hi duet. On the other side, there are fans saying she sounded gorgeous and husky and absolutely perfect in every way.
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    • Minzy's departure. Either you think she's the glue that held the group together, or she was useless and the group is better off without her (the latter group is much smaller than the former).
    • Who's to blame for the group breaking up? Is it Minzy, who left the group first and proceeded to (allegedly) shade the other members on social media? Is it CL, who became more and more prominent as time went by? Is it Bom, who forced the group into hiatus with her scandal? Or is it perhaps YG, who's been overshadowed with scandals lately and has intentionally misled the fans several times about 2NE1's status (including purposefully obscuring the fact that Bom had left the group a month after Minzy did)?
  • Cargo Shipping:
  • Creator's Pet: CL for YG. She's had multiple solos, has seen her screentime and amount of lines skyrocket since debut (to the point where she is guaranteed to be featured in 80% of any given song), and will be debuting in America. Meanwhile, poor Minzy never even had a single solo track.
    • It got worse in 2015, when a so-called "comeback" was revealed to just be yet another CL solo, with YG allegedly saying his focus would be on CL alone for the foreseeable future.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Usually it's Blackjacks vs. Sones (Girls' Generation's fans) due to the two groups being the top Korean girl groups, or 4Nias (4Minute's fans) due to the groups having similar music.
    • They're having a slight rivalry with BlackPink's fans, as some fans see them as "2NE1 2.0", and YG basically confirmed that he'd set the group up to be their successors: "“If you ask me to distinguish Blackpink from 2NE1, I want to say I did not try to make them different,” Yang said. “If you ask me what differentiates them from other girl groups, I will say I did not form them with that in mind. I tried to make the YG version of a girl group like I did with 2NE1. But this time I wanted the girls to look pretty too, with skills.” He admitted that Blackpink’s songs were written by Teddy, the main producer for 2NE1, who wrote hit songs for them including “I’m the Best,” “Ugly” and “Can’t Nobody.” “But it has a different feeling when different persons wear the same clothes,” he said. “Two teams have different voices and different faces.”"
  • Fanon Discontinuity: There are those who believe 2NE1 disbanded after their first mini-album, and those who believe "I Am The Best" was their first release.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • Or rather, "Filipinos Love Dara". Due to Sandara's past in the Philippines as a talent show contestant turned pop singer and actress, she is adored by 2NE1 fans there. And she fully reciprocates: once, she broke into tears when a fan gave her hand-made Filipino dishes as a gift.
    • Westerners Love CL, too. Leader Chaerin's not very popular in Korea (although she's slowly gaining more fans as she gets closer to her American debut), but she seems by far the most popular member among Western 2NE1 fans.
    • Minzy's one for some Western fans. They believe she's a better rapper than CL, and has a better voice than Bom, but because she has the least amount of Korean fans, she's sadly under-exposed (she's the only member of the group not to have had a solo single, instead having a duet with CL). Indeed, there were comments that Minzy "carried the whole MV" for "Falling In Love" - her facial expressions won a lot of people over. Especially this sultry little move.
      • Her departure from the group was hailed as a victory by many, including her best friend, who said that Minzy was now free to move forwards and exercise her creative side.
    • 2NE1 has got some good press in America, with from the Black Eyed Peas backing up their act and helping with an English album (which was last seen in Development Hell). In 2014, "I Am The Best" was used in a couple of US commercials, appeared on The Bachelor for a cameo performance, and started playing on radio stations, so their popularity in the US has somewhat risen especially since their album "Crush" was made #6 on Rolling Stone's best 20 albums of 2014.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • After Bom's "drug smuggling" scandal, there was one heck of a backdraft from Korean (and some Western) netizens. She's been nicknamed "Park Druggy", and people are saying that she should just give up and retire already. In contrast, fans of the group are just as virulent in their defense of Bom, issuing death threats against people who bash Bom, especially towards Kemy, the rapper who released the diss track about Bom.
      • Their CEO's comments on Bom's fragile mental health (outright saying it's her fault she is like this and she has to reflect otherwise the group will not have their comeback) has not been received well at all with the international fandom. Korean netizens think this is the right thing to say to her for being caught in a "drug smuggling" scandal.
      • Two years after the scandal, public sentiment about Bom is still extremely negative, with many even blaming her for Minzy's departure and the group's disbandment.
    • There was a huge backdraft in the international fandom over CL's use of a little boy reciting the use of the Qur'an in her solo song "MTBD" which wasn't pointed out until YG posted a video of her live performance of the song. The albums still have the unedited version but the live performance has been edited and they've apologized. Despite this, mentioning this is a sure way to attract another war between anti-fans and fans as well as another touchy argument on religion.
    • Minzy's departure. The company didn't win themselves any fans by immediately trying to paint Minzy in a bad light (suddenly claiming she had never discussed the departure with the other members), saying her departure hadn't hurt their stocks and claiming the remaining members would have a comeback in the summer, which directly contradicts their earlier statement of "the focus is on CL for now, we will see how her solo album does before the full group has a comeback" - and CL has yet to have her American debut despite repeated assurances that it is "imminent". Both Minzy's father and best friend wrote ambiguous posts on Instagram which many took to mean that there was more to Minzy's departure than met the eye. Minzy's father later deleted his post, but the damage had already been done.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: There's people who dislike the fact that 2NE1 seem to always go for the over-the-top loud and in-your-face style, think it's "stale and recycled" and want them to try something new.
  • Never Live It Down: They received an awful lot of criticism for the overuse of autotune in their To Anyone album, with some people going as far as to say that they purposefully used autotune to hide their lack of vocal talent. An autotune-less mini album and countless amazing live performances later - and haters still hate with "lol you sound bad, you need the autotune".
  • Out of Focus: For part of 2014, Dara. Bom got lots of attention for her "drug smuggling" "scandal", CL's debut in the US put her in the center of the spotlight, and Minzy's religious views also garnered some attention. As Dara hadn't been involved in anything controversial around that time, she wasn't particularly talked about.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • This is especially noticeable with the release of their Korean single, I Love You, which failed to win any awards on music shows, and while it made an impression on the digital charts, it failed to do so anywhere else. (For a better understanding - their song "I Am The Best" has over 80 million views. "I Love You" only has about 32 million.) The music video was criticized by some for Minzy and CL's dancing (seen as too sexy and over-the-top), and the fact that Bom seemed to be trying to do her best impression of wallpaper.
    • Another example would be to look at their music video for "Falling In Love" as compared to "Do You Love Me". They were released about a month apart, yet within the first few months "Falling In Love" already had over twice the views "Do You Love Me" did. "Do You Love Me" is their fifth song not to hit number one (the others being "Clap Your Hands", "Can't Nobody", "It Hurts (Slow)" and "Hate You"). Considering that "Do You Love Me" is considered by many netizens and even Blackjacks as one of 2NE1's 'worst' songs, this isn't really surprising.
  • Shipping:
    • Usually, it's CL/Dara and Bom/Minzy.
    • If you ship them with Big Bang, there's Skydragon (CL + G-Dragon), Daragon (Dara + G-Dragon) and the Alien Couple (TOP + Bom). Usually leads to Ship-to-Ship Combat between Skydragon and Daragon fans.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The death of Gong Ok Jin, Minzy's grandmother. A legendary traditional dancer in Korea, she's probably the reason why Minzy is what she's now. When 2NE1 was promoting their latest track I Love You, in 2012, the former dancer passed away. A photo of Minzy at her grandmother's funeral reached the Internet: if you are a 2NE1 fan and didn't feel at least a bit sad seeing the usually ever-smiling and lively Minzy crying her eyes out and looking dangerously close to crossing the Despair Event Horizon, you are made of ice.
    • The fact that Bom is addicted to plastic surgery - it seems like almost every few months she has some sort of procedure done. It's heartbreaking - she used to be so gorgeous and have a wonderful voice, but now her face can barely move and her voice is worsening because of it.
    • Watch the girls singing "If I Were You", and try not to cry. CL wrote the lyrics to this (as well as a few other songs on the album), and it's obvious the topic is very close to her. One viewer remarked "Damn girl, somebody needs to take you out for a drink and let you cry on their shoulder. Who hurt you so bad?"
  • Uncanny Valley: Bom's plastic surgeries are becoming this for many viewers due to the less natural look it gives her.
  • The Woobie: Minzy. From the very beginning, she was Out of Focus, and it only got worse as the years went on and CL began to (arguably) overshadow the other members. She was the only member to not receive a solo song, and was obviously The Un-Favourite.
    • With the news of the group's disbandment - and YG's statement that indirectly blames Minzy - many angry fans are lashing out at her and calling her "selfish", saying she "destroyed the group" and is a "traitorous snake".
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: As a group with eye-catching fashion, some of the clothes they wear look absolutely ridiculous. CL's unicorn dress, anyone? Or that time she was basically Big Bird 2.0?

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