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YMMV / Twitch Plays Pokémon Sun

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Are Kukui and Guzma trying to conquer Alola through separate political revolutions (one through diplomacy, one through a coup)?
    • Is Molayne just a simple benevolent PC moderator, or is he just as bad as Bill? He cetainly seems like a good person, but it took upwards of ten tries just to beat Molayne, and he still had the same relaxed smile throughout all of it. Though this comes hand in hand with anyone who's helped build PC in previous runs.
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    • The fact that the game involves Revolving Door Casting makes some think that Nigel never truly cared about his partners at all, due to long-standing Pokemon easily being replaced by a recently caught one and never being fished out from the PC again. More than one of his longer lasting or popular Pokemon had been subject to this fate.
  • Heartwarming Moments: When Ribombee came out and stayed with Nigel a couple of times during the Ghost Trial. Seeing as that Lore consensus is that he's terrified of either Mimikyuu or Ghost types, it's implied that Ribombee was helping him calm down.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This run is the 20th overall for the Twitch Plays Pokemon series. The game they're playing is also a 20th anniversary celebration of the overall Pokemon franchise. Looks like they can't escape this number, huh?
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Due to Twitch's "unique playstyle", the Anti-Frustration Features included in the base game turn into their very antithesis. It is now insanely easy for a newly-caught Pokémon to be immediately added to the party at the expense of a party mainstay, leading to a constantly-shifting lineup without ever having to visit a PC.
    • The menu defaults to Festival Plaza, which takes 9'l to another area similar to the Entralink and is equally useless to Twitch.
    • It only takes two inputs to use a Poké Ball, which means that any single-Pokémon trainer can easily wipe out the entire party due to ball spam. This is exactly what happened during the entirety of the second run of the Molayne fight, and it was just as frustrating as you'd think it was.
      • In Double Battles, a single Poké Ball can waste both turns, even though it's impossible to use Poké Balls when facing multiple wild Pokémon.
  • That One Boss:
    • With 12 attempts and an overall finishing time of 17 hours, Olivia comes off as one of the toughest enemies 9'l had to face in the early part of the story. Some started calling her the Alolan Wattson as a result, and earned a 0.238 Wa rating for her battle, marginally better than the rating for the battle with Cyrus in Platinum.
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    • Mimikyu from the Ghost Trial started to become this in the players' eyes, with it being able to solo most of the party with Play Rough eating up most of their damage. If not that, then she'll use Mimic to copy a powerful move, or call in another Ghost-type to help chip away at the party's damage or put them to sleep so she can deal the finishing blow. It takes 15 tries before she's finally put to rest.
    • More like That One Boss Rush, but the Elite Four run for this region took 41 tries before it finally was conquered. Niles and crew ended up conquering it the 34th time and made their way to the Champion fight, but because he was low on Pokemon and PP, he got kicked back all the way to the beginning. The only saving grace of those runs was the fact that Nigel could grind and level up his team while fighting them over and over again.

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