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YMMV / 22 July

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  • Complete Monster: Anders Behring Breivik bombs the Norwegian seat of government before traveling to the youth camp at Utøya. Pretending to be a policeman to gain access, Breivik proceeds to gun down the directors before stalking through the camp, systematically slaughtering and gunning down every teenager he finds, ending up with dozens of victims before being taken into custody. Breivik proceeds to demonstrate zero remorse, even trying to torture his victims' families as much as he can during his trial by trying to garner even more publicity for himself and inspire a white nationalist uprising to lead to more attacks like his own.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Near the end of the film, Breivik mentions how there will be others to finish what he started (i.e. continued terror attacks in support of far-right ideologies). A few months after the movie was released, white supremacist Brenton Tarrant would murder 51 Muslims and wound 49 more in Christchurch, New Zealand, citing Breivik as an influence... which would, in turn, inspire more copycat crimes in Halle, Germany; El Paso, Texas; Poway, California; Hanau, Germany; Bærum, Norway; Buffalo, New York...

Alternative Title(s): July 22