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  • Crack Pairing: A lot of fan art pairs Rose and Shade or Walter and Dr. Glasner, both of which are homosexual relationships that have absolutely ZERO hints in the comics. Even the CREATOR of the comic drew a Rose x Shade piece.
    • Except there is this talk between Hue and Shade where Shade says that it's Hue who's trying to take Rose away from her. That can be interpreted as jealousy of a sort.
  • Critical Research Failure: Possibly, if Doctor Glasner's name is really Vernon — he's presented as a German, and Vernon is most definitely not a German name. Similar terms for his Lost Lenore, Abigail, whose name has barely been in use in the German language in modern times.
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  • Ho Yay: Blatant with obviously gay couple Longus and Don.
  • Jerkass Woobie: EBE1 is an asshole... who saw his planet and nearly his entire species die around him.
  • Moe: Admit it, Hue is adorable.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Glasner crossed it in one of his first appearances, as he was willing to send Phillis in to where EBE1 was as a Sacrificial Lamb and locked the door. Glasner, in many opinions, has zero redeeming qualities.
    • Glasner just keeps Jumping Off the Slippery Slope even more as the series progresses. He keeps Phillis ALIVE IN A JAR in his office and pretty much lies to Roger about why he was chosen as part of Majestic 12. He also knows about Rose, and apparently plans something for her, which upsets Jar!Phillis enough that she uses the printer to communicate "LEAVE ROSE ALONE!" to which Glasner simply states "You stay out of this."
    • Let's face it, Herr Doktor is just not a good guy.
  • Not Quite Human: Even with the circuits, none of the aliens appear to be human at all except at first glance, which is apparently all that is needed to 'mingle' on Earth. Longus is good enough at it to DATE humans, although Don knows there is something weird about him. Recently, Longus has revealed himself to Don. Don's cool with it, in an adorkable, fascinated teenager sort of a way.
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  • Strangled by the Red String: Rose seems genuinely disturbed and haunted by Hue's harassment, so she ... asks him to accompany her for a walk on the beach? This might actually be justified; apparently Rose and Hue have known each other for a real long time, even if they don't remember.
  • Uncanny Valley: Besides the fact that they are kidnapping people for experiments, this is why Rose is afraid of Shade and Tone. Hue is much less uncanny to her, because he shows emotions and has a wider range of facial expressions.

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