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YMMV / True Villains

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  • Adorkable: Sebastian is pretty dang cute but also a nerd, what with his dumb backpack and him being rather ignorant of the very world he lives in.
  • Angst? What Angst?- Mia isn't too sad that her entire town, her only home, was destroyed in a blaze of fire and terror, not to mention her terrible living conditions before that.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The comedy is the only real reason to keep reading, otherwise it really is nothing more then about a team of evil-aligned characters doing horrifying and terrible actions while not caring one whit about it.

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  • Schedule Slip- A very, very long time. Updating now since they have a new artist.
  • Tear Jerker -
    • Olivia begging Elia to protect her child as she's dragged beneath the ground by Elia's undead.
    • Tom's death in Saga 7, and Mia's reaction to it. The whole page progressively becomes more monochrome, reactions from everyone - even Bayn and Xaneth - are shown, and there's absolutely no text. Because there's no need for any.
  • Sebastian sure claims Above Good and Evil as his alignment, but when he's the one making the decisions (like during Amberscar, and after Xaneth is killed,) he seems more like a Pragmantic Anti-Hero or Well Intentioned Anti-Villain.

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