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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In Tropico 2, Cap'n Hook is a Spaniard and retired inquisitor. He took to the sea to improve his interrogation techniques.
    • Depending on how he is played, El Presidente can be the most honest, incorruptible Presidente to ever live- or the most iron-fisted dictator to exist.
  • Awesome Music: Hoo boy, where to start? Where to end? Uh...there's the first game's opening music, and then the Paradise Island opening music, and then Pirate Cove's opening music, and then that one song with the bongos and Irish flutes, know what, let's just say every single song in the entire series and be done with it.
    • Tropico 3's soundtrack stands out above the rest of the series. Saxofón!
    • The soundtrack of Tropico 4 is even better although it may not be as catchy.
  • Ear Worm: Tropico 3 is rife with these. La Gata Loca is catchy in its odd, quirky way, whereas Verde Y Madure and Asi! Vamos! take the more jackhammer-inspired approach, and...heck, about two-thirds of Tropico 3's soundtrack qualify. Made about 10 times worse if you're not a Spanish speaker yourself.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Penultimo became as fun and memetic as El Presidente. His hammy lines, borderline worship of El Presidente, and well written jokes have made him a staple of the series.
  • Goddamn Bats: Thanks to how schools work in 4, forget about keeping the Nationalists happy. (Basically, they hate immigrants...but you often need to hire a foreign immigrant to teach at schools to get the ball rolling, so....)
    • The Nationalists usually don't get too obnoxious about immigrants unless you set your immigration office to an Open Door policy, in which case they will jump on you almost immediately after setting it to that work mode.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight, Not So Crazy Anymore, Truth in Television (The Pop Singer background was originally included for pseudo-Joke Character Lou Bega in the first game. Come 2010 though, and...)
  • Les Yay: The Womanizer flaw is available for men AND women (well, except the first game), and there is no corresponding flaw regarding men. This fact was lauded in certain circles.
    • In the first game, Cabarets are only visited by men. In later games, women frequent them just as much (despite the fact that only female dancers work there).
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  • Magnificent Bastard: El Presidente certainly shows signs of this in campaign mode. In particular, there's the Isla Desconida mission in 4, where El Presidente gets the island accepted as a European colony, then starts a communist revolution against...himself. Led by himself. To install himself as the ruler. The soviet agent and Penultimo are both pretty confused by the end.
  • Memetic Badass: El Presidente, apparently.
  • Memetic Mutation: BUILD STATUES.
    • Due to the limited number of lines given to Juanito, your main radio guy in Tropico 3, and due to the huge number of times he speaks, he's responsible for many.
      • BIG FURRY HUG!
  • Nightmare Face: The portrait for male rebels is quite unnerving.
  • The Scrappy: Juanito failed to win himself many fans due to his repetitiveness and Large Ham tendencies (which does not mix at all well with low-fi radio) - so much so that the Absolute Power expansion pack allowed you to execute him and shut him up for good. Unfortunately, this was balanced out by the introduction of the infinitely more annoying Betty Boom.note 
  • Scrappy Mechanic: So far, 5 provided few
    • The sole size of the maps is now a problem - they are much smaller than in previous installments, while numerous vital buildings are larger.
    • Fog of War. So disliked by players that it was scrapped in Tropico 6.
    • Housing system. In previous games players could build whatever house they wanted and adjust rent so anybody could afford them. Now each building has a minimal pay requirement from tenants, meaning you have to rise pays of all those workers... and some of them still won't qualify. This also forces players to provide much more housing, as you can't just erect few houses with high capacity.
      • It's even more broken. For some reason even rich Tropicans prefer to live in shacks, build right next to empty Tenants or Apartments, while earning enough to easily afford (edict-lowered) costs of living inside. Then they decide to mount a revolution, based on their dissatisfied living standards...
    • Power plants are now generating much more MW than in previous parts... but the consumption is almost ten times bigger.
    • Managers are good, but the way you get them is pain in the neck. After declaring an edict, they are slowly picked from your population. They can't be hired from abroad, their trait is picked up at random and Census edict revealing them has ten years of cooldown, while after five you won't get any new information from it.
      • 1.02 patch fixed it a bit, making the edict work as intended.
      • It's still quite a pain to manually assign them at later stages of the game when you have too many buildings.


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