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YMMV / Tricky Business

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  • Complete Monster: Tark is a low-level driver of a drug boat. Tired of this, he decides to rob his bosses in a major drug deal. In the middle of a tropical storm, he has three of his associates beat up and knock out two guards of the boat. He mutilates and castrates one guard, and decides to force the other guard to swallow his own blood with his hands tied behind his back. When he gets to the drop-off point of the deal, he murders everybody crewing the operation. He then proceeds to betray and kill each and every one of his associates and even tries to kill some innocent people who get in the way. Motivated simply by greed, no one in the novel outshines Tark when it comes to sadism or disloyalty.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: The description of the Cold-Blooded Torture that Juan and Frank went through. Juan first gets his nose and nuts hacked off, just because the kidnappers don't like him. It's implied that he had other bits cut off and was still alive when he was tossed overboard. Frank gets his mouth taped shut. While his tongue is bleeding. Which leaves him with only the option to swallow his own blood, unless he can free his handcuffed arms...

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