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YMMV / 3 Frați de Belea

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  • Author's Saving Throw. The Vacanța Mare group fixed a lot of the mistakes they made with Garcea și Oltenii.
  • Broken Base: This movie is really polarizing among the fans.
  • Contested Sequel: As the movie is polarizing, most fans like Garcea și Oltenii far more. Conversely, while the critics hated Garcea și Oltenii, they loved 3 Frați de Belea
  • Critical Dissonance: While the movie wasn't as well received as Garcea și Oltenii among fans, the critics absolutely loved it.
  • Hilariousin Hindsight:
    • King Sigismund is played by Florin Petrescu, who also plays Axinte. Fast-forward two or three years, and Axinte becomes the Leader of a Gypsy clan in "Inimă de Oltean"
    • In the Leana and Costel episode "Back 500 years", Romică almost marries Lila while in the Middle Ages. Afterwards, he talks about he would have loved to be married with her because "who won't like to have such a dumb wife". In this movie, Leonica and Aurel are played by Mirela Stoian and George Robu, who play Lila and Romică in "Leana and Costel" respectively.


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