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YMMV / Trapped! (Game Show)

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  • Jerkass Woobie: The Caretaker takes a lot of glee in trapping unfortunates and is crazy but when you remember he got tricked into taking up his job, it's easy to have a small amount of sympathy for him.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The whole concept is playfully disturbing. Children accidentally get themselves whisked away to somewhere strange where they're forced to stab each other in the back for a chance to escape. Though the contestants are never actually distraught, some of them comment that they're going to miss their families.
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    • No matter how many Unfortunates get trapped in a room, they're always gone by the time the room is played again. Some games involve wolves, monsters, and man-eating snakes, some don't.
    • A lot of games involve an actress shrieking at the Unfortunates.
    • Camp Fear has the Moon Howler, which has a pretty spooky design. More than one saboteur's been tripped up by being too scared of it coming out to do anything.
    • Split Ends, from Ever After. Her Rapunzel Hair not only covers her face, but is spread all across the room like an a spider-web, keeping her trapped in her chair, unable to move. Should an Unfortunate remove the wrong ribbon from her locks, she'll scream in pain.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: The online game got complaints about a few challenges in it being too hard to sabotage.
  • Squick: The Caretaker has eaten creatures that shouldn't be eaten by humans at least twice (a cockroach in one episode and a mouse in another).
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  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Some fans had this opinion of the 4th series, mainly because a few of the challenges are seen as a Poor Man's Substitute for previous ones (Poisoned Hollows for Septic Sewers and The Wolf and the Nut for Snake Attack just to name two examples).
  • What an Idiot!: Some saboteurs don't make smart decisions and that leads to them being trapped (Libby's performance in series 1, episode 9's playing of Snake Attack being just one example).

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