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YMMV / Transformers: Generation 2

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  • Complete Monster: Jhiaxus is the ruler of the Cybertronian Empire, but was once just another Decepticon warlord on Cybertron. Believing the war between the Autobots and Decepticons was hindering the progress of their species, Jhiaxus abandoned his sadistic ways and left Cybertron with a legion of Decepticons. He led his empire on a campaign of conquest and genocide, terraforming new worlds and wiping out any "inferior beings" that happened to get in their way. When the Autobots began attacking his outposts, Jhiaxus focused his efforts on eliminating this new threat to his empire. Declaring war on both the Autobots and Decepticons, Jhiaxus's cruel nature began resurfacing as he ordered the slaughter of numerous species to lure the Autobots out of hiding. He managed to track down the base of the Autobots and Decepticons, and sent wave after wave of his men to wipe them all out. When Optimus Prime warned him about the arriving threat of the Swarm, Jhiaxus ordered the destruction of San Francisco simply out of spite. Jhiaxus ordered a second strike that would kill his own men, and crushed the head of a soldier who suggested they retreat. Jhiaxus blamed Optimus for his empire falling apart and refused to believe he was still just as much of a petty tyrant as he was back on Cybertron.
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  • Dork Age: With the bright neon colors, Totally Radical commercials, and the lack of a proper cartoon for it (the "cartoon" was just repackaged G1 episodes with a new intro, intrusive computer graphics, and questionable edits), G2 is seen as this by many within the fandom.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The series was cancelled due to "low sales." Those sales would amount to a blockbuster hit by today's standards.
  • Never Live It Down: Ask a fan about the Generation 2 line and the only thing you'll hear about (after maybe the hilariously bad rapping in some of the commercials) is how awful the color schemes were. Despite this, the only really garish designs in G2 were the repaints of G1 figures (and even then, characters like Starscream, Optimus, Jazz, Inferno, the Constructicons and Sideswipe weren't especially garish outside of some funny decals), a couple Go-Bots, and various figures that weren't actually from ''G2'', but instead from the tail-end of ''G1'' (Action Master Thundercracker, Omega Spreem). You probably won't hear about how G2 was the line to introduce fully-articulated figures or now-ubiquitous gimmicks like light piping.
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  • So Bad, It's Good: The 1994 toy commercials with their rap songs. Especially the Aerialbots and Combaticons one. A-hem: The Aerialbots are taking their shots!/ Silverbolt's blasting COMBATICONS!/ They can all ch-ch-change/ To be re-arranged/ To form a super robot, SUPERION!/ The Combaticons are WARRING!/ Onslaught is ROARING!/ He is one metamorphing DUDICUS!/ They all combine/ And kick Superion's behind/ As the big, bad, battling BRUTICUS!


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