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  • Even Better Sequel: the original Trackmania was a rather quirky game with limited graphics and only one game mode. The first sequel, however, was spectacularly good in comparison, made the name of the franchise and was years ahead of the majority of games in online play integration. Calling it Trackmania Sunrise was not an understatement.
    • Trackmania 2 has an even easier level editor that'll modify terrain if you place down a block that requires modified terrain, making the process of creating maps much easier. It also features items which can be placed down anywhere on the track, so you can have a more unique track.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The soundtrack for Coast in United uses a guitar riff that makes it sound like the theme song for James Bond.
  • That One Level: For players who aren't interested in competing on user-created tracks, Nadeo does have its own share of Nintendo Hard with some tracks in particular being almost keyboard-breakingly difficult.
    • Generally any track with slopes. Lose your speed at any point before jumping over them and your car is sent tumbling downwards, forcing you to restart all over again.
    • A06-Obstacle in Nations: a jumpy track with poles that is otherwise fun and simple became notorious for its last jump which is easy to screw up your landing on, especially for players trying to get an Author medal on every track.
      • Also from Nations, D11-Acrobatic. The "Acrobatics" category is already challenging on its own with some tracks expecting players to rely on precise jumps and their timing, and this track cranks it Up to Eleven and has players pull their hair out trying to land on the two platforms properly by controlling their movement in mid-air and not losing speed or crash-landing into the water. It's not uncommon to hear accusations of this track's design depending on pure luck alone.
      • And again from Nations: E05-Endurance, the final track in the game which has you go through sixty laps for an entire hour to beat Nadeo's time with little to no margin for error whatsoever.

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