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YMMV / Totem Tribe

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  • Anticlimax Boss: The "Mysterious Creature" inside the comet. He's a huge damage sponge, but doesn't have any deadly attacks, meaning players could just spam hundreds of units and they'll prevail within minutes. The only puzzle is using the Tear of Heaven at the right time.
  • Breather Level: Has two.
    • Beetle Island, due to the island being much shorter and less swarmed than the previous island. The beetle boss is easily beaten compared to King Shade, and does not chase you back to your village.
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    • Ruins of Dream Shore, While the last stage is heavily focused upon collection of items to continue, this stage focuses more on combat.
  • That One Level: Has 2.
    • Volcano Island, since the area is swarming with enemies. What's worse, that after you defeat all of the lairs, get ready to fight against King Shade for the first time, who is much more stronger than the previous enemies and tends to decimate most of your units in seconds. Not to mention he'll chase after your village and even kill Aruku easily.
    • Island of Worship, which is notorious for having a lot of collection tasks. You have to collect 60 fruits for 5 different idols. Not to mention you have to showdown False Aruku from different directions.
  • That One Sidequest: Has two.
    • A shark tooth in Shark Archipelago requires you to spam drag-n-drops with only a scout and the harpoon. The problem is that it regenerates, and it has to make the cut.
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    • Blueberry Island, because you have to figure out the right pattern to make a potion. Some of the pages cannot be restored, so you have to rely on trial-and-error to do so. Make 1 mistake, you start over.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Upon introduction of Scorched Island. Aruku says that the tribes have turned on each other thanks to the destruction of the Light Totems, but Wolf Tribe is the only human tribe that is hostile to her in the game. Everyone else is supportive of them.

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