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YMMV / Totally Awesome Hulk

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  • Growing the Beard: Issues 7-8, where Amadeus stops being a Casanova Wannabe.
  • Older Than They Think: Amadeus' Hulk powers removing his inhibitions is actually something that She-Hulk has done first.
    • The idea since Peter David's run has been that becoming a Hulk brings out the most buried side of your personality. Bruce's Hulk is an unstoppable monster of rage because he's been repressing anger for most of his life; Jen's Hulk is an outgoing party animal, since she was an introverted, studious wallflower. Amadeus's Hulk isn't that much different from his regular personality, but when he's Hulked out, he has no filter to speak of, is easily manipulated by any pretty woman who looks in his direction, and most worryingly, is prone to occasional blackouts.
      • This even can go back to Stan Lee's original idea of mixing elements from Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde which feature a character who has a lowered level of inhibitions than their creator. Clearly writers take the more Hyde-like elements to Joe Fixit with him being The Hedonist only second to Maestro who keeps sex slaves he names after Betty in the future where he rules everything.
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  • What an Idiot!: Amadeus Cho (the new Hulk) has just met Lady Hellbender and her goons, and Lady H has demonstrated that she's pretty powerful (able to knock Hulk on his ass at least, and was pretty confident she could take Fin Fang Foom as well). She has stated that her hobby is finding the toughest, strongest monsters there are and adding them to her collection. However, she's unimpressed with Cho, who doesn't unleash his Hulk rage like Banner did. She even abandons him when he goes to face Foom.
    You'd expect: Hormonal teenager and hot warrior babe aside, this woman CLEARLY has a screw loose and should be kept at arms' length, if not treated as a threat outright.
    Instead: Cho becomes determined to prove to this woman that he's still the World's Strongest Man and curbstomps Foom while she watches. She immediately shoots him with some sort of capture device and proceeds to add him to her collection.

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