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YMMV / Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

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  • Game-Breaker: the Zhon faction has the best defense turrets in the game - powerful, long-range, quick to build and relatively cheap. It's entirely possible to advance by building just those and a few "artillery" units, and they're a huge pain to deal with even when used just in their intended role.
    • Veruna is rather overpowered in the vanilla version of the game, presumably because their hat is the sea, the creators didn't want them to be disadvantaged on all-land maps, and overcompensated.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Unlike the metal wrecks from Total Annihilation, corpses in Kingdoms fade away over time...unless the unit died on the coastline. A glitch means that any corpse touching water never fades, giving you more time to get a resurrection unit there.

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