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  • Adaptation Displacement: This show is probably remembered more as a video game rather than a television show.
  • Broken Base: Is season two just as good as season one or is it a step down? The general consensus is that season two is weaker than season one due to the original creators and writers leaving, Paul Rugg and new writers coming in, and the show moving from Saturday morning to Tuesday afternoons (which, at the time, was a Friday Night Death Slot because weekday afternoon cartoons were starting to be phased out due to cable cartoons and the rise in talk shows and syndicated shows airing in the afternoon), making the show more like a horror version of Animaniacs, but, despite this, there are some funny moments
  • Nightmare Fuel: Quite a bit, actually.
    • The Melissa Screetch segment where she encounters the boogeyman. She ignores her mother's warnings, leaving the house to play at night when the boogeyman stalks her, leaving her wondering if she's actually being followed. At the end, she is. And the boogeyman takes her away to eat. Though it becomes Nightmare Retardant when he spits her out because she tastes like German Shepard poop.
    • Darla Doiley. That is all.
    • Despite his lack of screen time, Bunny Wunny. He's a Depraved Kids' Show Host who makes children feel very uncomfortable just by being in his presence. At the end of the episode, he's assumes his true, monstrous form and drags Igor into the TV.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Two of Billy West's characters on the show (the toy store clerk on "Darla Doiley Demon Doll" and "Spawn of Santa" and the scientist in the B-movie parodies) sound like Professor Farnsworth (from the early episodes of Futurama when Farnsworth was dotty and lazy, but overall harmless and sane).
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  • Seasonal Rot and They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The format went from a set format of three six or seven-minute shorts to several of irregular length in season two. Often instead of The Deadman family, Melissa Screetch or Dr. Vic and company, the cartoon might star a minor character like Madame Olga or Becki-with-an-I (two characters who appeared in the season two episode "Something Weenie This Way Comes"; Madam Olga was the housekeeper neither Dr. Vic nor Igor knew was in the castle and Becki-With-An-I is the manager of Weenie on a Twig). On top of this, the show became much more self-aware than before, owing it to the original creators leaving the series, and Paul Rigg of Animaniacs! fame stepping in.


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