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YMMV / Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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  • Awesome Music: The main theme of the game. Amusingly, it's often mistaken as the main theme for the whole franchise.
  • Broken Base: Two very mild examples, since the game was really well received by fans of the series.
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  • Even Better Sequel: Opinions tend to vary on how the game stacks up to the first and second entries, but general consensus is that The Last Revelation was on par with the first game, with most of the fandom regarding it as one of the best games developed during the Core Design era, if not the whole franchise. The engine was dramatically improved from the previous games, introduced new elements to the gameplay, had complex and challenging levels and the plot was a tightly knitted story that not only managed to work with Egyptian Mythology in interesting ways, but also injecting far more characterization into the game than any prior Tomb Raider game had ever done before.
  • Goddamned Bats: Well, there are the bats.
    • More annoying are the golden birds in Cleopatra's Palaces; aside from being bullet sponges that launch fireballs, they will attack the golden statue of Lara that appears in the level, forcing her to drop down several stories just to take them out.
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    • Let's not forget about scarab beetles. You can't kill them and they won't kill you instantly, but you will be forced to constantly run away from them and avoid them at all costs.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In-universe, Werner scolds teenage Lara for thinking about herself as "a world famous archaeologist adventurer Lara Croft, ja?" Becomes darkly humorous in Chronicles where Lara makes the news after her supposed death.
  • It Was His Sled: These days, it's pretty common knowledge that Lara apparently dies at the end of the game. But back when the game was still new, it was a massive Player Punch to see one of the most iconic heroines in gaming history be killed. Fans were jostled by the reveal for a while afterward, since Core Design were deliberately tight-lipped about whether this was truly the end of the franchise or merely a cliffhanger meant to give the franchise a rest before continuing Lara's adventures in earnest.
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  • Player Punch: The ending. Of course, Lara turns out to have survived, but that didn't stop her apparent death from being a huge shock before it became common knowledge.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: After the enthusiastic reception of the second game and the divisive nature of the third game, The Last Revelation is often regarded as the pinnacle of quality in regards to the games made under Core Design. Just about everything was fine-tuned and improved upon from the previous three games: some of the best graphics and textures seen in the PlayStation era of the franchise, an improved engine, absolutely massive and complex levels, a far more immersive and engaging plot and giving the Narm Charm aspects of the series a darker spin - essentially reinventing the franchise without resorting to a Continuity Reboot. This is what ultimately lead to the following entry being far less regarded by both fans and critics alike.
  • What an Idiot!: Core Design never contacted Jean-Yves Empereur to ask if they can put an Expy of him in the game. Then they've passed the Idiot Ball to Eidos, so nobody in the management send laywers to salvage the situation. When the game was released, Empereur predictably sued Core and Eidos for using his likeness without his permission.

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